August 31, 2000

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How does the Blue Marble Geographics Associates Program work?

The Associates Program is an easy and exciting way for you to work with Blue Marble to enhance your site and to merchandise products from your site. By simply linking to, you can earn a referral fee by having visitors click from your site to our site to purchase items. We handle all of the customer service, fulfillment, shipping, and tracking of sales generated from your site. You get paid on all sales.

How do you get started?

Visit After you complete the online registration form, you’ll immediately receive information that welcomes you to the program and explains how to set up some quick links. After you’ve been accepted into the program, you’ll get access to the Associates-only area where you can view your earnings reports anytime.

About Blue Marble Geographics

Blue Marble Geographics is a leading developer and provider of smart, simple geographic software products that provide sensible solutions for makers or users of geographic data, and builders of applications that make or use geographic data. Blue Marble currently serves over 100,000 customers in over 60 countries. Blue Marble can be found on the Web at

Companies using Blue Marble’s geospatial technology