Blue Marble Geographics Leadership

Meet the leaders who are driving Blue Marble Geographics’ ingenuity and growth.


Patrick Cunningham President & Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Cunningham offers over two decades of experience in software development, marketing, sales, consulting, project management, and corporate management. He joined Blue Marble in 2003 and has led the company as President since 2004 after assisting the founder with selling the company to private investors. Cunningham has overseen the growth of Blue Marble ever since including the acquisition of Global Mapper in 2011 and the expansion of its innovative Lidar and drone imagery processing tools.

Victor Minor Chief Technology Officer

Victor Minor has been working as a Geospatial Software Developer for over twenty years. He has been at Blue Marble Geographics since 2002, in that time taking on the roles of Software Developer, Director of Software Development, and currently acts as the Chief Technology Officer. He has served on several geodesy-focused working groups and committees and been involved in creating and updating various OGC and ISO standards used throughout the Geospatial industry.

Kris Berglund Vice President of Sales

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Kris Berglund has spent over twenty-five years in the GIS/Mapping industry with experience in cartography, geomatics, geospatial software business development, and technical sales. Kris has exhibited at hundreds of geospatial conferences across the globe and has presented dozens of technical papers on a variety of topics related to applied geodesy and geospatial data accuracy.

Danielle Caron Operations Manager

Danielle Caron has been with Blue Marble since 2008 and has had multiple roles throughout her career as the company has grown and expanded. As the Operations Manager, she is committed to improving internal processes and efficiency, growing the teams to support our international customers, and promoting Blue Marble as a technical leader in the GIS industry. Outside of work, she enjoys camping, fishing, cooking, and gardening with her family.

Sam Knight Director of Product Management

Sam Knight has been at Blue Marble since 2004. In that time, he has worked in Tech Support, Training, and QA, eventually transitioning to Product Manager, and then Director of Product Management. Responsible for developing and leading Blue Marble’s successful applied geodesy training program, he has lead hundreds of GIS and Geodetics courses and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, trying to make tricky geodetics concepts accessible at a practical level. Sam’s other role at Blue Marble is being a commercially certified drone pilot to support the company’s work in drone-based 3d modeling. In his off-hours, he is a mentor for the high school robotics team that Blue Marble sponsors and an elementary school LEGO robotics team, and is always tinkering on a project of some sort.

Cíntia Miranda Director of Marketing

Cíntia Miranda is a veteran marketer with more than two decades of professional marketing experience in the United States and abroad. Working collaboratively with cross-functional teams at Blue Marble Geographics, Cíntia is responsible for building strategic marketing campaigns focused on brand recognition, lead generation, and market growth worldwide. She also leads a dynamic team dedicated to producing world-class marketing by promoting a culture of collaboration, productivity, and innovation. Cíntia holds a Doctorate in Business Administration with a research focus in consumer behavior from Wilmington University and a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

Stephanie Martini Quality Assurance Manager

Stephanie Martini manages the Quality Assurance department, leads the QA of Global Mapper's 3D Viewer, and devotes time to the design of its tools. Her bachelor's degree in Video Game Art and Design gives her a different perspective and a vested interest in its development. In her off time, she can often be found drawing, playing video games, or contemplating the imminent approach of the technological singularity.

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