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At Blue Marble Geographics, creating valuable resources for our current and future users is an essential part of what we do. GEOTalks is a podcast where you’ll hear stories from professionals around the world and learn how they use GIS technology to solve critical challenges. Since our software users are experts in their fields, we’re excited to foster conversations about the stories behind their work and dive into how they leverage geospatial technology in their projects.

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Recent Episodes


Tracking Forever Chemicals (PFAS) with GIS Technology

featuring Katrina Schweikert

Forever chemicals (PFAS) were discovered in our farmlands and waterways. In this episode, we speak with Katrina Schweikert, a Ph.D. student working on the Safe Agricultural Products and Water Graph, joins us on GEOTalks to share her insights on this advanced PFAS monitoring tool.


How Texas is Using GIS for Conservation

with Kelsi Schwind

In recent years, scientists have noted that the Texas Hill Country’s Bigtooth maple communities are in danger. Kelsi Schwind highlights how her automated method for extracting canyons has enabled her team to perform thorough research on Texas’s Bigtooth maple communities.


Accessible Bathymetric Data & Its Impact on Marine Conservation in the Beqa Lagoon

with Tomer Ketter and Sefano M Katz

Bathymetric surveys provide vital information that informs decisions about marine environments. In this episode, our guests explored the impact of accessible bathymetric data on marine conservation, social equity, and cultural integrity in Fiji.

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