Global Mapper® Extension for MangoMap

Beginning with version 21 of Global Mapper, users can publish map data to an online map using MangoMap, providing a simple and efficient way to share geospatial data on any computer or mobile device.

Traditional GIS Meets the Cloud

This collaborative approach to geospatial data management and deployment combines Global Mapper’s renowned desktop GIS data processing and analysis functionality with MangoMap’s efficient, intuitive, and scalable web deployment capabilities providing a seamless one-stop GIS data management, visualization, and sharing tool.

MangoMap Advantages

  • Fully-featured, interactive web maps in minutes
  • Online maps include legends, querying, and visualization options
  • Multiple map-sharing and collaboration options
  • No coding required
  • Several low-cost subscription options to choose from
  • Integrated branding options
  • Platform updates are deployed over-the-air
  • Straightforward subscription setup
  • Direct publishing of geospatial layers from Global Mapper

Integrating Global Mapper and MangoMap allows users to utilize the extensive tools and features of a traditional GIS while providing a stepping stone for sharing data from countless sources from a single platform.

Collaborative Mapping

Mango’s online map platform is perfect for companies that span the globe or those that have a single office. The ability to share interactive maps with everyone provides transparency and easy real-time collaboration.

Sample Maps Published in MangoMap from Global Mapper

Global Mapper MangoMap, Hawley, Minnesota Zone Map
Global Mapper MangoMap, North America's Population in 1990
Global Mapper MangoMap, Texas Oil Production by County in 2011
Global Mapper MangoMap, Gardiner, Maine Parcels with contours and average slope

Setting up a MangoMap Trial

Anyone using Global Mapper version 21 or later can set up a free trial subscription to MangoMap by clicking the new MangoMap button in Global Mapper’s toolbar and following the on-screen prompts. In this trial, users will have access to the full suite of map publishing and sharing functionality for 14 days. A free trial of Global Mapper is also available. Simply download the latest version and request a trial license during the installation and registration process.

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