License Types

Blue Marble Geographics offers four different license types. The table below explains how each license works and will help you decide which type is right for you.

Please contact the Blue Marble Sales team at with any questions or if you are interested in a free 14-day trial!

License type How it works How it moves Will it work for you?
Single User This license is node-locked to one computer and it cannot be accessed remotely. The license can be moved up to two times a year, with a verified license removal. This license works best for one person with one primary computer. If you plan to move your license multiple times, this license type is not recommended.
Single User Floating This license is node-locked to one computer and can be accessed remotely. This license can also be moved between machines an unlimited number of times following a proper removal and transfer procedure. If a user wishes to move the license to another machine, the license must be released from the previous machine. Alternatively, a user can access their license remotely through RDP on a machine that is already licensed. This is best for one person who needs to move their license between two computers or needs to access a remote desktop. This license is not recommended for multiple users or small offices or for sharing between multiple users.
USB Dongle This license is moved between machines via a USB dongle and can be moved an unlimited amount of times with the dongle. To use a dongle license, the application must be installed on the machine and the dongle must be plugged in to activate the application. This dongle works best for moving between multiple machines, without the hassle of unlicensing prior to moving to a new computer.
Network These licenses are hosted on a server, with a minimum of two licenses. Licenses can be checked out from the server as needed. They are only limited by the number of licenses purchased, meaning if you own a two-seat license, a total of two users can access a license at the same time. This license is best for groups of users. Networks can be used in one office or across multiple offices. Users can also borrow licenses from the server for up to 90 days if they are going to be away from the network.

Blue Marble Geographics created license options to meet the varied needs of users worldwide, covering everyone from single users to cross-office use. Licenses are also available in nine different languages, for more information please contact the Blue Marble sales team. Trial licenses are available for single-user and network licenses, this provides the opportunity to see if one of these options is right for you!

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