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Global Mapper Pro® expands upon the extensive functionality of the standard version of the application for those with advanced workflows. You can utilize a comprehensive collection of tools for data creation, editing, advanced 2D and 3D analysis, point cloud processing, scripting methods for workflow automation, and much more. The comparison chart below shows the features and tools available in the Standard and Pro versions of Global Mapper.

PLEASE NOTE: Global Mapper Pro is an add-on to the Global Mapper Standard application. When purchasing Global Mapper Pro, you will receive two licensesone for Global Mapper Standard and one for Global Mapper Pro. You must install both licenses to unlock the Pro features.

Recent Developments in Global Mapper Pro

For nearly three decades, Global Mapper's development has depended on direct interaction with users and most of the major functional requirements can be clearly traced to individual requests. This unique approach to software development has ensured that the application is continually updated and improved to ensure it is meeting the needs of today's GIS professionals.

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Global Mapper Pro® expands upon the extensive functionality of the standard version of the application for those with advanced workflows.

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Photogrammetric Processing with Pixels to Points Angle right

Create a 3D point cloud, orthoimage, and 3D mesh from drone or UAV collected images utilizing Pixels to Points in Global Mapper Pro. With the addition of the Pixels-to-Points Wizard, users are able to choose from a variety of project types to refine process settings based on the desired output. Using the structure from motion process with opportunities to add ground control points for positional accuracy, this tool generates a 3D point cloud, orthoimage, and mesh from a set of drone-collected images.

Lidar Data Analysis Angle right

Including manual and automatic classification methods, Global Mapper Pro offers the opportunity to fully classify 3D point cloud data. Automatic ground, building, tree, powerline, and pole classification and feature extraction tools work with lidar or photogrammetrically-generated point cloud data.

With various selection methods available in 2D, 3D, and the Path Profile views, point return classes, elevation, and attributes can be altered. The Swath Separation tool easily creates swath images, allowing users to explore the vertical separation between overlapping lidar swaths. Additional tools to enhance the 3D position of point clouds through manual rectification or based on control points or overlapping point clouds provide a set of tools suited for all lidar data processing.

Point Cloud Segmentation by Spectral Graph Partitioning Angle right

This tool allows users to identfiy features of interest in a point cloud based on certain parameters or attributes. Whether color, elevation, intenstiy, or another parameter is important in defining a feautre, users can provide values to allow the tool to identify points which meet these requirements. The flexibility and customization in this tool, combined with a selection method to select and edit individual segments, greatly improves manual classification, to achieve custom point cloud classification in a semi-automated process.

Terrain Analysis Angle right

Global Mapper Pro has an array of terrain analysis tools. From advanced binning and kriging methods to create a surface, to terrain painting to live edit the terrain users can prepare their data a variety of ways. The reults of this process can be analysed via watershed modelling, viewshed analysis, contour generation or a slew of other tools available in Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro

Custom Point Cloud Classification (Beta) Angle right

Custom Point Cloud Classification (Beta) provides the ability to define custom classifications based on user-created training samples. Each training sample should represent a variation of a definable class of objects that can be used to create a new, user-trained point cloud classification. The attributes and shape of the sample points will be used to generate a signature that will be the basis of the new custom classification model.

Once finished, new classifications will appear in the Features to Classify list in the Classification tab to be used along with the built-in Feature Classes, such as Vegetation and Buildings.

Python Programming Language Integration Angle right

Based on Python v3.10, Global Mapper users are now able to automate workflows in the program using the Python programming language. Not replacing Global Mapper Script, but adding to the scripting language options, Python scripts can be written in the new Script Editor or outside of Global Mapper, and run within the Global Mapper interface, via the command line, or in a Python environment.

Script Builder and Script Editor Angle right

The Script Builder tool transforms actions taken in the program user interface into Global Mapper Script or Pythong commands with an easy-to-use record button. 

For manual script creation, editing and execution, the interactive Script Editor allows users to open multiple scripts in a tabbed interface and save them individually. With easy undo and redo options, syntax coloring, and command suggestion, the Script Editor greatly improves how scripts are interacted with in the Global Mapper interface.

Kriging Angle right

The powerful Variography and Kriging analysis tool improves data prediction in Global Mapper Pro. Fully customize the data sampling and variogram plot and determine what theoretical model fits best for the generation of a kriged prediction layer.

Global Mapper Mobile Integration Angle right

Pairing with Global Mapper Pro is Global Mapper Mobile, an app available on iOS and Android for field data reference and collection. Wirelessly share data to a mobile device directly through Global Mapper desktop’s Mobile Data Management tool. Additionally, through this tool, Global Mapper Mobile Package files can be merged to combine datasets created by different field collectors.

Mesh Feature Creation Angle right

Create 3D mesh products from a variety of terrain, point clouds, and 3D vector data. Volumetric mesh features can also be created as spheres and cylinders to more effectively model volume in a variety of workflows. Export these products to a variety of 3D formats to use in gaming engines, simulated environments, and more.

Recent Developments in Global Mapper Pro Angle right

Version 25.1 release of Global Mapper Pro includes

  • Multiple Pixels to Points improvements, including the ability to automatically detect ground control points (GCPs) in associated images, the ability to save Wizard settings to a template for use in future workflows, and general performance improvements;
  • Terrain painting can now be conducted in the Path Profile tool, allowing users to live edit their elevation data;
  • Various updates to lidar analysis include the ability to compare point clouds to terrain layers, along with a new classification option, subclassification, and a tool for reclassifying existing classification – useful when classifying custom features.

Learn more about these new features here.

What version of Global Mapper is best for you?

Compare the Standard and Pro features to find out!

Global Mapper Standard

Standard license includes:

Support for importing and exporting 300+ file formats
Access to online data sources for streaming imagery, basemaps, terrain, and vector data
Vector drawing, editing, analysis, and spatial operations
Attribute editing, joining, calculation, graphing, and querying
Thematic and choropleth mapping
Map design and pre-print layout
Lidar display, filtering, and manual editing
Terrain creation and modification
Terrain analysis, including contour generation, line of sight, viewshed, watershed, and flood simulation
Volume calculation, pile volume estimation, cut and fill analysis, and change detection
Immersive 3D visualization, 3D data creation and editing, fly-through recording, and layer animation
Image rectification
Image blending, feathering, cropping, and pan sharpening
Image and raster reclassification
Raster calculation Including NDVI, NDWI, NBR, and custom formulas
Address geocoding
Batch file conversion and workflow automation with Global Mapper scripts
Integration with Global Mapper Mobile app
GPS support for tracking and data collection
Image blending, feathering, histogram matching, cropping and pan sharpening
Global Mapper Pro

All the great features of standard plus...

Terrain painting
Breakline calculation
Advanced querying, editing, segmenting, and filtering of lidar and 3D point clouds
Automatic classification of point cloud data including ground, vegetation, buildings, power lines, and poles
Vector feature extraction from classified point cloud data
Lidar noise identification and removal
Variography and Kriging
Point cloud thinning and vertical and horizontal rectification of point cloud data
Automatic alignment of overlapping point clouds
Visual analysis of point cloud data, including by local density, height above ground, intensity, and classification
Point cloud profiling
Pixels to Points® - Drone/UAV imagery processing to create 3D point clouds, orthoimage, and 3D model
Advanced automated vectorization of imagery and terrain
Support for RTK devices and display of satellite constellation
Built-in editor for Global Mapper scripts
Support for Python scripting
Script Builder tool to record actions in Global Mapper Script
Streamlined mobile data merging

Global Mapper Suite

Everything you need in GIS software
A comprehensive suite of GIS desktop and mobile applications as well as a software development kit with tools to satisfy the needs of a wide range of workflows.

Trusted by GIS professionals worldwide
Global Mapper® is a cutting-edge GIS software that provides both novice and experienced geospatial professionals with a comprehensive array of spatial data processing tools, with access to an unparalleled variety of data formats.

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Geospatial data viewing and collection in the palm of your hand
Global Mapper Mobile® is an iOS and Android application for viewing and collecting GIS data. It’s a perfect complement to the desktop version of Global Mapper, providing maps-in-hand functionality for field data gathering. The Pro version of the application expands on the functionality of the application, with an array of professional-grade tools.

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Advanced GIS Software Development Kit
The Global Mapper Software Development Kit® (SDK) is a toolkit that provides access to much of the functionality of the desktop application from within an existing or custom-built application, allowing in-house developers to create a unique version of the software to meet their specific needs and requirements.

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Global Mapper Pro offers a complete set of GIS tools.

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