October 4, 2023

Blue Marble Geographics Releases Global Mapper Version 25 with New Tool for Creating an Optimal Flattened Site Plan

Blue Marble Geographics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the standard version of Global Mapper version 25. This update includes an additional functionality to the Calculate Flattened site plan tool, an automatic feature styling for distinguishing loaded vector layers, the ability to use vector layers in watershed generation, and an improved screen and menu display.

The Create a Flattened Site Plan tool is popular for preplanning the best location, elevation, and required earthworks for the creation of a flat surface in a terrain layer. A new option in the tool, Create an Optimal Flattened Site Plan, can take advantage of any flexibility in the exact placement and orientation of the flattened site. Global Mapper assesses the terrain in a specified location to find the optimal placement and orientation for the site to minimize cut and fill costs.

Global Mapper’s Watershed tool performs a watershed analysis to model the flow of water across a terrain layer, measuring flow accumulation and direction and delineating watershed boundaries. Version 25 pushes this tool even further by adding support for vector features to be used as obstructions or modifications to more accurately model how potential objects impact flow.

“User interface updates for enhanced support of high-resolution display and Analysis menu reorganization in Global Mapper version 25 accompany some highly requested analysis tool updates,” stated Mackenzie Mills, Assistant Product Manager. “These improvements allow watershed creation to consider vector feature obstructions and add the ability to optimize the placement of flattened site plan terrain creation.”

To help visually distinguish overlapping or similar layers, a new autostyling option is available to assign colors by default to vector features of the Unknown Feature type. Global Mapper uses feature types as one method of applying preset styles to vector layers. This update applies to the default feature type to help visually differentiate vector layers that may otherwise be similar.

The Analysis menu has been split into four based on the type of data used during processing: Lidar, Raster, Terrain, and Vector. The Terrain menu focuses on raster layers that require elevation data. The Raster menu includes tools that can be applied to other layers, including images, topographic maps, etc.

Other updates to version 25 of Global Mapper include the improved display behavior on high-resolution screens. Global Mapper is now better able to take full advantage of high DPI displays. Menus and dialogs will more accurately adjust when moved between monitors of differing resolutions and scales.

For information about Global Mapper Pro and to download a free application trial, visit https://www.bluemarblegeo.com/global-mapper-pro.


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