October 24, 2023

Blue Marble Geographics releases Geographic Calculator 2023 SP1 including read and write support for LAZ files

Hallowell, Maine – October 24, 2023 – Blue Marble Geographics (bluemarblegeo.com) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Geographic Calculator 2023 SP1. This update improves upon the software’s capabilities with notable new features such as LAZ format support, a four-parameter Helmert Transformation method in the Best Fit job, and support for several new transformation methods, including the Natural Resources Canada BYN grid format, New Zealand Deformation Models, and a parametric Similarity Transformation.

Since 1993, Geographic Calculator has been the coordinate conversion tool of choice for GIS and survey professionals worldwide. This software has maintained its reputation as the best coordinate conversion solution on the market for over three decades.

Geographic Calculator 2023 SP1 provides read and write support for LAZ compressed lidar data format, as well as several general improvements for optimizing the load and transformation of LAS/LAZ files. In addition, support has been added for additional header records defined in the LAS version 1.4 format.

A new four-parameter Helmert Transformation method has been added to the Best Fit job. This simple transformation is used in many different CAD and GIS packages. It allows the user to specify a globally applied scale factor, a rotation around the Z axis, and translations along the X and Y axes. In addition, GeoCalc and the Geographic Calculator now also support the “Similarity Transformation” operation that was defined by the IOGP’s EPSG working group. This transformation has the same four parameters mentioned above and can be used to define the relationship between two given coordinate reference systems.

Natural Resources Canada has created a binary grid format called BYN. These files contain transformation data for several different horizontal and vertical transformation models, including the latest CGVD Geoid models. Geographic Calculator now includes support for the Natural Resources Canada BYN transformation grid format.

Land Information of New Zealand has recently released a dynamic deformation model for transforming data between various dates and times. This model includes multiple versions and deformation patches that are automatically applied inside the Geographic Calculator.

“Version 2023 SP1 improves upon the software’s capabilities with notable new features,” stated Scott Webber, Product Manager. “These enhancements continue Blue Marble’s commitment to support users of geodetic data, including surveyors, energy and seismic data managers, and many others.”

Geographic Calculator is the industry-leading standard in advanced coordinate system management and transformation. With users across industries worldwide, Blue Marble and the team behind Geographic Calculator continue to provide the most innovative tools for coordinate system management.

More information about Geographic Calculator 2023 SP1 can be found on the product page.


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