Academic Scholarship Program

About the Blue Marble Scholarship Program

Blue Marble offers students a chance to win a US$1,000 scholarship and a Global Mapper Pro license by submitting the results of a research project involving the use of Global Mapper. Open to undergraduate or graduate students currently attending an accredited institution of higher education; this annual program encourages students to explore the full depth of functionality available in the software while expanding their core competency in the field of GIS.

Eligibility Criteria

The Global Mapper Scholarship Program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students at any recognized institution of higher education worldwide.  To qualify, the student must be enrolled in a program. The award of $1000 will be paid directly to the academic institution where the winner is currently enrolled.

Submission Requirements and Process

Participants may submit a written thesis, or a project report, or a poster on any topic or theme. However, to be considered for the scholarship award, Global Mapper must be employed for data creation or collection, analysis or processing, and/or final presentation.

All submissions must be written in English.

Submit your project

Application Deadline

To be eligible for the 2022 scholarship, entries must be received no later than December 31, 2022.

Winner Selection

All entries will be reviewed by the Blue Marble Scholarship Committee, and the winner will be notified no later than January 9, 2023.  The award will take place at a virtual ceremony at the annual user conference – GeoTalks2023 at 12:00 (US EST).

Publishing Results

Blue Marble will publish an overview of the applicant’s research in a case study or similar form along with the announcement of the award.

The 2021 Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Yu-Chun Chang, the winner of the Blue Marble Geographics 2021 Academic Scholarship!

Yu-Chun Chang is a fourth-year Taiwanese Ph.D. student at the University of Manchester. His research combines multi-types of data to understand the submarine surface processes and assess geological hazards around the volcanic islands. Considering the powerful impacts caused by the recent giant underwater volcano eruption in Tonga, geological hazard assessment of volcanic islands is crucial for the population living around the coastal area. One of his projects focused on the submarine landslides around the central Azores volcanic islands. His recent study (DOI: 10.1029/2021GC009833) suggested that some hazardous submarine-landslide-induced tsunamis would have visited the central Azores Islands. Furthermore, the landslide statistics also indicated that the likelihood of future large earthquake hazards is potentially higher in two of the islands.

Terms & Conditions
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