The Global Mapper Pro Software Development Kit® is a powerful new addition to the Global Mapper SDK. The Pro version incorporates all of the point cloud processing functionality previously available in the (now retired) Lidar SDK, providing developers with numerous new and enhanced data processing and analysis tools including newly added support for developing Python scripts for use in the Global Mapper Pro application.

The Global Mapper Pro SDK provides developers access to advanced point cloud processing functionality, including the Pixels to Points® tool, which is used to process geotagged aerial images, usually collected with a UAV or drone, and use them to create a high-density 3D point cloud. Pixels to Points employs the principles of photogrammetry by deriving measurements from photographs and analyzing the relationship between objects in adjacent images to determine the three-dimensional coordinates of the corresponding surface.

The functionality included in this SDK enhancement is an extremely powerful, cutting edge point cloud processing capability and will enable developers to keep ahead of the curve with regards to point cloud and lidar data manipulation.

Advanced functionality includes:

  • Improvement to core Pixels-to-Point processing, including significantly processing speeds on machines with NVIDIA GPUs.
  • A newly added function, GM_LidarSmoothQuery, that allows smoothing a collection of Lidar points. 
  • Support for developing Python scripts for use with the Global Mapper Pro application
  • The Pixels to Points tool – for creating a 3D point cloud from collections of overlapping images
  • API functions for a number of lidar operations including, automatic classification, feature extraction, spatial thinning, and more 
  • Multiple gridding options for faster DSM or DTM generation
  • The ability to access, display, and manipulate point cloud files containing billions of data points
  • Automatic point classification tools that can distinguish building, ground, vegetation, power lines, utility poles, and noise
  • Feature extraction functionality to automatically create 3D building footprints, trees, power poles, and power lines
  • Advanced filtering options to efficiently remove erroneous or unneeded points
  • Customizable identification and reclassification of noise points
  • Lidar scripting commands for streamlining workflow
  • Point colorization from underlying imagery for realistic point cloud rendering
  • Built-in model for reporting key lidar statistics
  • Support for importing and exporting all major point cloud formats

As with the full version of Global Mapper, the SDK can be activated on a trial basis by requesting a temporary license for evaluation purposes. For more information, contact today!

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