September 15, 1999

New! Geographic Transformer Version 4.1

We’ve released the Geographic Transformer Version 4.1 – our popular image registration, reprojection, tiling, and mosaicing tool with many enhancements and new features.

The Geographic Transformer enables quick, easy, accurate, and correct conversions of raster data without having to be an image analyst or image processing expert. You can simply and quickly georeference, reproject, tile, and/or mosaic images for your application.

  • GeoTIFF images are comprehensively supported (both read and write) in version 4.1. GeoTIFF coordinate system and reference point information is automatically retrieved from and written to GeoTIFF images.
  • Several new image formats (including CADRG and PNG) are supported along with compressed TIFF and JPEG output.
  • New interactive wizards (including the often asked for “destination resolution wizard”) are included.
  • Enhanced Getting Started Guides get you up and running with your projects quickly.
  • You can completely evaluate version 4.1, including image reprojection, with all of the sample data provided within the new, enhanced Getting Started Guides.
  • You an purchase either single user or floating licenses for Version 4.1.

Learn more about the Geographic Transformer version 4.1 online at

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