June 7, 2001

New! Geographic Calculator 5.0 Product Reviews!

Point of Beginning Feature “Versatile” – July 2001

“Geographic Calculator, Version 5.0, is a multi-faceted utility program for working with coordinates from different systems. “Working with” is an appropriate phrase, because there are few coordinate chores this package can’t handle.”

“This is versatile and powerful software. Its file handling smoothness is especially impressive, as is the overall user friendliness. Geographic Calculator’s widespread good reputation seems to me to be well-deserved.”

Jerry McGray, Managing Principal of McGray & McGray Land Surveyors.

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Professional Surveyor Product Review – December 2000

“Blue Marble’s Geographic Calculator makes a formerly labor intensive task quick and easy. It is also very user friendly. The menu bar is short and sweet: Files, Options, and Help. The program is divided into three sections marked with tabs: Interactive Conversions, Point Database Conversions, and Map file Conversions. It is so well written that it is fun to use, and it will enable you to move between coordinate systems with ease.”
Joe Bell, President, SCJ GPS/GIS Consultants, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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GEO World Product Review – November 2000

“Blue Marble’s Geographic Calculator combines impressive conversion horsepower with an easy-to-use interface. Geographic Calculator 5 is just what the doctor ordered for data conversion problems. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides, at least in my experience, the most extensive suite of conversion options available. It can convert individual points, files of coordinates (in a database or spreadsheet) or data files in standard GIS formats. Datasets in Excel, Lotus, dBase or simple ASCII can be accessed by Geographic Calculator and converted to new coordinates.”
W. Frederick Limp, Director, Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, University of Arkansas.

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