February 1, 2000

New! Floating and Network Licenses for our Application Tools

We’ve been listening! Our customers have demanded floating and network licenses of our Application Tool products. Now you can easily transfer product licenses between your desktop and notebook computers and transfer licenses between users within your firm as project reponsibilities change with a floating license! Install the applications on a single network computer and everyone in your organization can access the application from their desktop with a network license.

A “floating license” allows you to easily transfer Geographic Calculator, Geographic Transformer, Geographic Tracker, or Geographic Translator licenses between computers. You can have the product installed on every computer in your office, with a fully enabled “licensed” installation for each floating license you have purchased. The product will operate in evaluation mode on computers that don’t have “licensed” installations. You can transfer a license from a “licensed” installation to another computer easily, simply by exporting the code from the licensed computer and importing it into another computer. The transfer doesn’t require a floppy disk.

Single user license to floating license upgrade pricing is available.

Network licenses are offered for the Geographic Calculator, Geographic Transformer, and Geographic Translator. You can install the application on a single network computer and access it from every computer on the network within your organization.

Discounted pricing for 5 and 10 concurrent user license packs is available.

Companies using Blue Marble’s geospatial technology