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GeoTalks Express® webinars are free hour-long sessions focusing on particular aspects of Blue Marble Geographics’s GIS and geospatial software products.  The webinars are free and open to everyone, however, registration is required.

Upcoming Webinars:

Wed May 25, 2022 - 14:00 EDT (18:00 UTC) - Coastal Flood Analysis using Global Mapper

With the Earth’s climate changing, we, as a global community, are experiencing more intense and frequent extreme weather events. From higher tides to increased precipitation and storm frequency, flooding is threatening our coastal communities. The analysis and visualization techniques available in Global Mapper allow the modeling of past and predicted flooding events. Join us to learn how flood simulation and watershed tools can be used to model the flow of water over terrain to determine flood risk areas and damages. 



Wed Jun 22, 2022 - 14:00 EDT (18:00 UTC) - Road Repair Modeling in Global Mapper Pro

Transportation and public works departments have a responsibility to survey, maintain, and repair roads as needed. The tools and functions available in Global Mapper Pro assist teams with all aspects of this workflow from 3D road visualization to terrain and construction planning. With point cloud data becoming more commonplace throughout many industries, transportation infrastructure engineers can capture up-to-date information and model an area of interest in 3D to methodically assess the situation and simulate the changes that need to be made. Using the terrain creation, analysis, and 3D vector feature tools in Global Mapper Pro, a road in need of repair and the planned changes can be modeled, exported, and shared.



Wed Aug 24, 2022 - 14:00 EDT (18:00 UTC) - Exploring Global Mapper Mobile

Since its release as a beta product a few years ago, Global Mapper Mobile has seen major updates and enhancements. From simple tasks such as viewing data in the field or manually creating features, to the more advanced RTK support and expansive online sources the Pro version provides, Global Mapper Mobile can benefit any number of workflows. Join us as well look at much of the functionality within the application including GPS-based digitizing, address searches, and more.



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