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GeoTalks Express® webinars are free hour-long sessions focusing on particular aspects of Blue Marble Geographics’s GIS and geospatial software products.  The webinars are free and open to everyone, however, registration is required.

Upcoming Webinars:

Wed Jun 16, 2021 - 10:00 EDT (14:00 UTC) - Improving the Quality of Point Cloud Data

As anyone who has worked with lidar or other point cloud datasets will concur, the value of any derivative products is only as good as the quality of the original data. If your point cloud is deficient, the output data will also be sub-par. Thankfully, Global Mapper’s Lidar Module offers an array of tools for improving the quality of point cloud datasets. In this live, hour-long presentation, Blue Marble application specialists will provide an overview of some of these editing and filtering tools, including:
– Noise removal
– Point reclassification
– Vertical and horizontal adjustment
– Point cloud thinning
– Cropping
– And much more.

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Wed Jul 21, 2021 - 14:00 EDT (18:00 UTC) - A Global Mapper Extension at Work – The DAT/EM Toolbar

The Global Mapper SDK offers dual benefits for software developers: it provides the means to incorporate much of the functionality of the software into third-party applications and it offers the opportunity to customize Global Mapper through the creation of extensions and custom toolbars. In this GeoTalks Express presentation, we will be taking a look at an example of the latter. Software engineers from Alaska-based DAT/EM Systems International have used the SDK to develop a toolbar for Global Mapper that creates a direct connection with the company’s Summit Evolution stereoplotter. This allows Summit Evolution to be used as a 3D digitizing device for Global Mapper and allows Global Mapper projects to utilize the tools of Summit Evolution.

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Wed Aug 25, 2021 - 10:00 EDT (14:00 UTC) - Global Mapper Version 23 – What’s in Store?

Long-time users of Global Mapper will be familiar with the bi-annual announcement of a new release of the software and the tangible excitement that coincides with the unveiling of a slew of new and updated features and functions. For the version 23 release, tentatively scheduled for late September, the proverbial bar will be raised with the introduction of Global Mapper Pro, an all-new, advanced edition of the software. In this hour-long presentation, we will take a sneak peek at some of the changes that are afoot while application specialists will be standing by to answer questions about this exciting new product offering.

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