September 17, 1999

New! Directions at your Fingertips – Optimal Routing in your Applications

We’ve released GeoRoute 1.0, a DLL that enables Windows and Internet applications to present optimal travel routes (based on distance or time) and generate point-to-point directions, simply by adding a basic plug-n-play component. With GeoRoute, there is no need to depend on expensive routing databases, because you can work directly with street data you already own!

You can create your routes by using MapInfo MIF or ESRI shape files or by using an existing routing object database file. Routing objects (streets, address blocks, etc.) are created with a default speed that you specify, unless your data has an attribute that describes the classification of each object within your map.

Now, you can obtain directions between two routing objects by selecting a starting and ending point. This will return an array of inclusive points and segment numbers along the path of selected route, based on time or distance optimization. Include multiple stops within your journey by selecting a sequence of the inclusive points that will be preserved within your starting point and destination point. You can even acquire detailed driving directions that will be automatically saved to a dBase file. Let your journey begin!

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