May 19, 2003

GeoCalc 5.2 Now available!

GARDINER, ME– Blue Marble Geographics has released GeoCalc 5.2, a dynamic link library (DLL) for Windows programmers used for embedding real-time coordinate conversion in Windows applications!

GeoCalc users now have the ability to match their custom coordinate systems to a known geodetic coordinate system for on-the-fly conversion. This new function essentially allows a user to create an affine transformation and move data from a previously unknown coordinate system to a useable pre-defined coordinate system.

GeoCalc is the GIS industry standard and contains well over 130 pre-defined ellipsoids, 630 datum transformations and over 30 projections. Using GeoCalc in development will result in direct cost savings for you company. The hours needed to try and invent, test, and maintain your own coordinate conversion engine are astronomical, but compromising your project with a lesser tool can be just as expensive.

New features include the implementation of Australian NTv2 (National Transformation version 2) that supports the presence of internal sub-grids within a master grid file. Blue Marble has also added a WGS72 ellipsoid definition for use in MGRS grid conversion. In this process, a memory leak with the conversion process was discovered and resolved. This update is available to all of those enrolled in GeoCalc update and annual subscription.

GeoCalc deployment is not restricted with a software license control, you can embed the DLL into your application for “on-the-fly” conversion, transparent to the end user! Our flexible license model allows for unlimited distribution, contact Blue Marble for available options!

Many notable companies have used GeoCalc as their standard for coordinate conversion in their custom applications. AT&T, BHP Minerals, Landmark Graphics, Lucent Technologies, Schlumberger, ….to name a few. Why re-invent the wheel?

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