May 18, 1999

FREE! ArcView AutoSave AVX eases the pain

Blue Marble Geographics announces the release of the free AutoSave AVX extension for ArcView. AutoSave AVX is an extension for ESRI’s ArcView GIS that automatically performs periodic saves so that you won’t loose your hard work when ArcView crashes. With the AutoSave extension, you are free to work on your GIS project within ArcView without having to remember to manually save your ArcView project often.

The AutoSave extension is extremely versatile and easy to use. A time interval for the automatic saves can be set between one and thirty minutes. Also, a reassuring beep can be turned on so you know the saves are taking place. The AutoSave extension creates a project backup file in case ArcView corrupts the project file during a crash. If your project is corrupted or destroyed, the AutoSave AVX will restore your saved project, and allow you to continue working. Save time, work, and money by using AutoSave AVX.

Learn more about the AutoSave AVX online at

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