March 12, 1999

Fast Maps, Smarter Apps with GeoObjects 2.0

Blue Marble Geographics announces the release of GeoObjects 2.0, a collection of high-performance, 32-bit OLE controls for embedding spatial data access, display, and analysis. With GeoObjects, you can quickly and easily make your Windows and Internet applications smart, active, and data-aware with map and CAD drawings.

This release of GeoObjects 2.0 incorporates many new features, including a new overlay layer. The GeoObjects dynamic Overlay Layer allows the user to draw, copy objects to, and edit the object once it is drawn or copied. The GeoObjects Map Control provides greater access to feature selection. GeoObjects Feature control now supports fill, line, and symbol renditions. As always, GeoObjects automatically re-projects map data “on-the-fly”, provides thematic shading, binning, and support for native MapInfo TAB, native ESRI SHP, native Atlas GIS AGF, and native AutoCAD DWG files. Spatially enable your database today!

Download your copy of the GeoObjects Demo Suite with sample applications for Internet Explorer, Visual Basic, and Delphi.

Learn more about GeoObjects online at

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