January 14, 1999

Empower your Desktop with the FREE Geographic Explorer

Blue Marble Geographics announces the release of the Geographic Explorer Version 3.0 as a free and open application. This application is downloadable from the Blue Marble website (http://www.bluemarblegeo.com). The Geographic Explorer extends the Windows 95, 98, and NT Explorer shell to view, convert, print, and find all of your map files. This breakthrough application supports all of the common map file formats, such as DXF, DWG, TFW, SHP, TAB, MIF, DGN, and more.

The Geographic Explorer provides extensions to the Windows Explorer to explore map files with a single right mouse click. There are three revolutionary components included in this application. QuickFind will find map files with given attributes anywhere on your local machine or network. QuickView quickly views, explores and prints map files. QuickTranslate translates map files between map file formats.

Blue Marble is offering this product freely as a way to break down the barriers in the Desktop Mapping industry. The Geographic Explorer will provide a powerful “open” view/translate solution for many individuals and businesses who want to use geography within their decision making processes. Blue Marble intends to evolve the functionality of the Geographic Explorer, and is interested in collaborative development to extend its features.

Learn more about the Geographic Explorer online at http://www.bluemarblegeo.com.

Companies using Blue Marble’s geospatial technology