May 8, 2000

Blue Marble’s GPS tools become more powerful without SA

Washington, D.C. – “The decision to discontinue Selective Availability (SA) is the latest measure in an ongoing effort to make GPS more responsive to civil and commercial users worldwide…users will realize a dramatic improvement in GPS accuracy with the discontinuation of SA.” – President Clinton, May 1, 2000

GPS users can now expect an order of magnitude increase in accuracy with the improved, non-degraded signal. The absence of SA offers immediate benefits to GPS users; experience dramatically improved navigation, tracking, mapping and timing with Blue Marble’s Geographic Tracker, Geographic Tracker AVX or GeoTrack tool!

Geographic Tracker – The leading GPS interface tool for Windows!
Are you looking for a tool to display GPS data quickly, easily and accurately? Deliver all the power and utility of GPS to your Windows applications thru DDE communication. Our plug-and-play” GPS interface application tool supports most of the leading GPS receivers on the market. Revolutionize the way your applications are used on the move.

Geographic Tracker AVX – The real-time GPS interface for ArcView GIS!
Are you looking for a simple, easy to use tool that queries theme data at your position and automatically displays attribute information in a message window within ArcView GIS? The Geographic Tracker AVX links our stand-alone Geographic Tracker to ArcView GIS. Use this extension to display your current position, as well as perform event-based processing including feature selection, line snapping and message display.

GeoTrack – The real-time GPS interface for Windows developers!
Are you looking to add real-time GPS data into your app? GeoTrack is the tool to use to embed GPS position, time, speed, heading, satellite positions, satellite signal strength, and positional integrity information into your application. GeoTrack puts you in control!

Take advantage of GPS without SA with a Blue Marble product today!

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