January 28, 1999

Blue Marble releases the 7th volume of the Product Showcase CD

Blue Marble Geographics announces the release of the Product Showcase CD Volume 7. This Product Showcase CD includes all of the Blue Marble Products, as well as over 500 MB of royalty-free map data for the USA and the World.

This CD features several new Blue Marble products. The VertCalc DLL Development Tool provides an easy way to embed vertical datum conversion in Windows software applications. The FormatX TAB Reader is a 32-bit DLL (dynamic link library) that provides a COM object library interface for reading the native, proprietary MapInfo file format. The Geographic Tracker AVX serves as an extension to ArcView GIS. This ArcView extension brings real-time GPS to ESRI desktop GIS users. You can use this extension to display your current position, as well as perform a variety of event-based processing such as identifying and selecting nearby features, or displaying warning messages when entering areas having a specific attribute value.

Blue Marble products provide simple and elegant solutions to your compelling problems.

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