June 2, 2006

Blue Marble Offers Geographic Calculator and Transformer Training at the IGARSS Show in Denver

Gardiner, Maine — June 2, 2006 – Blue Marble Geographics (www.bluemarblegeo.com) is pleased to announce they will be offering applied geodesy training with both of their Geographic Calculator or Geographic Transformer products on two separate days at the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium in Denver, CO. These daylong sessions, on July 31st and August 1st, are in-depth training courses on these two powerful data conversion applications. They also feature education on the basics of geodesy and mapping which is useful for both the novice or as a refresher for the expert geodesist. In fact, many people take these courses just for the geodesy training alone. Here is a chance to not only educate yourself on the foundations of Geodesy and mapping concepts, but also learn how to really leverage the power of Blue Marble software.

About the Geographic Calculator: The Geographic Calculator converts individual coordinates, point database files, and vector map files from virtually any coordinate system to any other. You can transform between coordinate systems, calculate the distance and azimuth between two coordinates, and calculate new coordinates at a known distance and azimuth from known coordinates. The Geographic Calculator also automatically computes grid convergence, point scale factor, datum shifts, and grid shifts. Of course, the Geographic Calculator is professionally documented and supported.

The daylong Calculator training session includes a detailed interactive overview of coordinate conversion, coordinate systems and geodesy. Users are then walked through the features and functions of the software including interactive conversions, point database file conversions, map file conversions, and working with custom coordinate systems. Users are encouraged to bring their own data for these sessions.

About the Geographic Transformer: This raster reprojection tool is based on our core coordinate conversion technology. The Transformer allows you to reference an image from either an existing reference file, or by using our popular “point-and-click” method with an already referenced image. The tool essentially sets up a relationship between known control points and the associated pixels values of your image. The Transformer also allows for complex reprojection of raster data. Support for all the major GIS file formats including compression formats such as ECW, JPG2000, and MrSID. You can save your work out in whatever file format you need as one image, a mosaic of images or smaller tiled pieces.

Learn how to use the Transformer in this compact training session. This course covers the entire functionality of the Transformer, through using your data to familiarize and master key image management skills. Learn how to read, understand and properly reference and reproject raster data from simple to complex conversions, mosaic and tile out imagery and work through batch processes.

Call toll free 800-616-2725 or email training@bluemarblegeo.com to reserve your spot now. Blue Marble also offers on-site sessions that can be conveniently planned to fit your schedule. Contact us for details.

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