January 31, 1997

Blue Marble Geographics Ports GeoCalc to UNIX For Use in Landmark Graphics UNIX-Based Products

Blue Marble Geographics has delivered GeoCalc libraries and source code to UNIX developers at Landmark Graphics to embed as an engine to convert geographic coordinates, handle datum transformations and perform geodetic forward/inverse calculations. Landmark Graphics will first upgrade their OpenWorks, OpenWorks Development Kit and Z-MAP Plus for Sun OS, Solaris 2.5, with planned expansion to other major UNIX operating systems such as Silicon Graphics IRIX and IBM AIX throughout 1997(NASDAQ:LMRK).

“GeoCalc has always been available as a DLL in 16 and 32 bit Windows architecture. What makes this UNIX version solid from the outset is that the functions are based on over 5 years of the production environment testing of Blue Marble’s flagship component, The Geographic Calculator”, commented Jeff Cole, Blue Marble’s President.

The UNIX version of GeoCalc features a very open and standards based approach for transforming coordinate systems, map projections, ellipsoids, and geodetic datums. Functions are grouped within a clear conceptual design offering the flexibility to produce rapid prototypes and powerful integrated applications. Matched with any GPS, surveying, engineering, or mapping system, GeoCalc supports over 180 predefined geodetic datums and over 11,500 predefined coordinate system conversions, plus you can quickly add your own.

Learn more about GeoCalc online at http://www.bluemarblegeo.com.

Companies using Blue Marble’s geospatial technology