April 1, 2001

Blue Marble Geographics Launches BeyondGeo

Gardiner, Maine (USA) – Blue Marble Geographics is proud to announce the launch of BeyondGeo – a new approach for publishing interactive maps in your web site.

Blue Marble Geographics hosts and supports BeyondGeo map server services on their secure Internet servers – interactive maps appear seamlessly on your web site!

“BeyondGeo is a simple and complete solution that we offer on a broad scale to every business and organization world-wide who wants to publish an interactive database-driven map on their web site”, remarked Jeff Cole, Blue Marble Founder and President. “The cost and complexity of alternative solutions is absolutely staggering. BeyondGeo isn’t simply an evolution of traditional GIS map server technology – it’s the solution that the market has been asking for. The bottom line is that the BeyondGeo map server service will save subscribers thousands of dollars and months of time.”

According to Larry Warren, president of Kingfield, Maine-based firm ACI, it’s a service that will catch on quickly. “I’ve worked with a number of clients who are attempting to implement Internet map servers,” Warren said. “They’re expensive and technically challenging. BeyondGeo offers a simple, inexpensive solution that doesn’t require hardware, software, bandwidth, or having a mapping technician or web developer on staff.”

Less than an hour from sign up to interactive maps on your web site! It’s as simple as:

  • Sign Up.
  • Log In to the BeyondGeo subscriber site
  • Upload your maps to your private account file area – or you can use the detailed state, county, and street-level maps of the complete U.S. that we provide. Your map data is displayed within a map directly – without conversion.
  • Upload your geocoded location databases (in dBase IV and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet formats) containing locations and their associated attributes to display on the map. Your location databases are displayed and queried directly – without conversion.
  • Compose your map online. You have total control over the “look and feel” of the map and map interface.
  • Database fields and spreadsheet columns that contain hyperlinks to pictures, video, audio, web pages, and email addresses will be automatically linked for you.
  • Paste a link (that references the BeyondGeo map server and your map) into a page within your web site.
  • Use your favorite web page authoring tool to publish the page to your web site server!

The interactive map view that you compose will be displayed directly within your web site. All without client-side applets, plug-ins, or objects!

You can offer these features to visitors of your site:

  • Center, Zoom in, and Zoom out.
  • Reset and Bookmark the map view.
  • “Popup notes” appear for your database locations as visitors move their mouse over them.
  • View “Info” related to specific map features and locations within your geocoded databases – including hyperlinks to pictures, web pages, audio, and video.
  • Find features based a database attribute search.

About BeyondGeo

BeyondGeo is a simple and complete Internet map server service provided by Blue Marble Geographics that enables businesses and organizations to easily and cost-effectively publish interactive, database-driven maps on their web sites. Learn more at www.beyondgeo.com.

About Blue Marble Geographics

Blue Marble Geographics of Gardiner, Maine – “the geographic software tool company” – is a leading developer and provider of smart, simple geographic software products that provide sensible solutions for makers or users of geographic data, and builders of applications that make or use geographic data. Blue Marble currently serves over 120,000 customers in over 60 countries. Blue Marble can be found on the Web at www.bluemarblegeo.com.

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