September 23, 1998

Blue Marble Geographics Delivers the Geographic Transformer Extension for ArcView

Blue Marble Geographics has released the Geographic Transformer AVX – their popular Geographic Transformer application tool integrated directly into the ArcView environment as an ArcView extension.

The Geographic Transformer AVX enables quick, easy, accurate, and correct conversions of raster data without having to be an image analyst or image processing expert. ArcView professionals can simply and quickly georeference, reproject, tile, and/or mosaic images for their application.

The Geographic Transformer AVX allows for easily establishing an “image-to-world” relationship between image and map coordinates by quickly selecting reference points within an image. Images can be reprojected into a georeferenced image map with an associated ESRI compatible “world file” in any predefined or custom coordinate system and datum. Tiles can be created automatically for seamless coverage of land areas of any size. Additionally, a single seamless image map can be mosaiced from multiple source image maps.

Learn more about the Geographic Transformer AVX online at

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