September 5, 2019

Blue Marble Geographics Announces Partnership with MangoMap to Add Comprehensive Web Map Publishing to Global Mapper

Hallowell, Maine — September 4, 2019 – Blue Marble Geographics ( is pleased to announce a new partnership with web map service company, MangoMap. In a joint development effort, Global Mapper users will now be able to upload map data directly from the software to an online Mango-hosted map site, which can be easily shared with customers, colleagues, or constituents. The integration of Global Mapper’s desktop GIS data processing and analysis functionality with Mango’s efficient and intuitive web deployment capability provides a seamless one-stop GIS data management, visualization and sharing tool.

Now in its third decade of development, Global Mapper continues to cause a stir in the worldwide geospatial community. From its humble beginnings as a simple data viewing utility, it has evolved into a major player in the GIS software industry boasting an unrivalled collection of data creating, editing, rendering, and analysis tools, right out of the box at an affordable price. Global Mapper is helping to expand access to GIS technology by dismantling the cost and usability barriers inherent in traditional GIS applications.

The addition of MangoMap as an embedded component of Global Mapper allows users to initially set up their Mango account by purchasing one of three subscription options, and with a couple of mouse clicks, upload the relevant GIS layers into their online Map. For Global Mapper users, this workflow increases the flexibility of the software’s workspaces by providing the means to share maps with anyone, on any device, quickly and easily.

MangoMap’s cutting-edge web map platform has attracted mapping professionals from all over the world because of the inherent simplicity of the map creation process. Without the need for web development expertise, virtually anyone can create a map and immediately make it accessible to the public at an affordable price.

“The addition of MangoMap represents one of the last missing pieces in the Global Mapper puzzle,” stated Blue Marble’s President, Patrick Cunningham. “Many Global Mapper users have requested that we add web publishing functionality to the software and the fact that we have been able to partner with a well-established company like MangoMap provides a perfect solution and one that is easy to use, affordable, and simply an excellent solution for online mapping.”

“After months of hard work behind the scenes, we are thrilled to be announcing our partnership with Blue Marble,” added Chris Brown, MangoMap CEO “We feel this integration will significantly streamline workflows while offering a complete GIS solution to both Global Mapper and Mango subscribers. We now look forward to working closely with Blue Marble and forging a long and successful relationship.”

Support for MangoMap publishing will be introduced with the release of Global Mapper version 21, scheduled for mid-September, At this time, new users will be able to set up a two-week trial account and create their own personal online maps.


About Blue Marble Geographics: Since the early 1990s, Blue Marble Geographics has been a pioneer in the development of powerful and innovative geospatial software. Widely regarded for its expertise in coordinate conversion and file format support, Blue Marble’s products include Geographic Calculator, the paradigm for highly accurate spatial data conversion and advanced projection management; Global Mapper, a fully-functional and affordable GIS application; and the Global Mapper LiDAR Module, a suite of powerful point cloud processing tools.

About MangoMap: Mango is the simplest way to make engaging, insightful web maps – no coding, no servers, no complications. Since 2013, the company has been enabling professionals with data to find the stories, patterns and trends that provide meaningful insights for their organizations. MangoMap’s clients are located in more than 115 countries worldwide and have used Mango to create and share more than 90,000 engaging web maps covering a wide variety of industries, from franchising to engineering to business intelligence.

Blue Marble Geographics Contact Information:
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Blue Marble Geographics
Hallowell, ME, USA
+1(207) 622-4622

MangoMap Contact Information:
Laurence Stevens
VP of Marketing

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