September 8, 2003

Blue Marble Geographics: After 10 Years, Still ‘Knuckling Down’ to Business

By: Nora Parker

Blue Marble Geographics turns ten this month, and as founder Jeff Cole says, considering they’re a software company founded in the early 90’s with a .com strategy, some might be surprised they’ve experienced as much success as they have. Cole took time out on the eve of a major new release of their flagship product, GeoCalc, to speak with Senior Editor, Nora Parker, about where they’ve been, where they’re hoping to go and what challenges they see in the future.

Nora Parker (NP): As you celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company, can you reflect on where you thought you’d be versus where you actually are as a company? What were your hopes, dreams and aspirations in starting the company, and to what extent have you hit the mark?

Jeff Cole (JC): Considering the fact that we are a software company that started in the 90’s, that we primarily used the “.com” model (web-based sales and order processing), that we are based in Maine, and despite all of that we are successful, profitable, and a well known, reputable company I would say that I am very pleased with where the company is today. The only thing we didn’t do that most “.coms” did was take outside investment. As we made money we put it back into the company and then grew as our customer base grew. Simple business logic really, but it is a source of pride for us.

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