October 7, 2003

Blue Marble CEO Discusses 10th Anniversary with GeoWorld Magazine

Maine-based Blue Marble Geographics celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2003. The company began in July 1993 through the development and sales of its Geographic Calculator coordinate-conversion software and has since expanded to offer development tools, professional services and hosted Web mapping.

“We’ve always focused on highly crafted, simple, niche solutions to specific problems that happen to frustrate everyday users of GIS software and developers of systems,” said Jeff Cole, CEO and founder. “We continue to have specialized expertise in solving difficult and complex problems in a unique and compelling way. That’s the whole philosophy: focused niche–complex problem solving–simple solutions.”

Some of the more popular products from Blue Marble are the Geographic Calculator, Geographic Transformer, GeoCalc, GeoView, GeoObjects and the interactive online map service, BeyondGeo BeyondGeo.com

“In just 10 years, I feel we’ve really built a sterling brand name,” added Cole. “People know Blue Marble, and I think they know what we stand for. Our goal within the next two years is to quadruple our revenue and double our number of employees, and we have a solid plan in place to do that.”

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