March 28, 2006

Blue Marble Adds MrSID Write Capabilities to the Geographic Transformer 5.2

Gardiner, Maine — March 28, 2006 – Blue Marble Geographics ( announces the release of Geographic Transformer 5.2 with new capability to write to the industry standard MrSID Generation 3 (MG3) image file format. The Geographic Transformer allows users to easily establish an “image-to-world” relationship between image and map coordinates and reproject an image into a georeferenced digital map. The Transformer is perfect for handling a variety of image data sources including scanned paper maps, aerial photos, and satellite imagery and is used worldwide by thousands of basic to advanced GIS analysts at universities, oil and gas companies, civil engineering, surveying, and technology firms and government and military organizations.

This new version of the Transformer is now one of the few commercial GIS applications available in which users can write out MrSID compressed imagery. This version also introduces greatly expanded image mosaicking capabilities; users can mosaic up to 256 images at once.

Blue Marble has added a number of other new features, most notably:

  • Ability to use a default reference file type when adding images in batch or mosaic mode
  • Ability to add multiple files to the results viewer at once
  • New ‘Read-Only’ toggle between the main Geocalc.dat data source and one that contains user-defined systems
  • Ability to preserve Geocalc.dat on uninstall
  • Enhanced GeoTiff header import and large file imagery processing
  • Pixel row processing selection in one section to optimize system resource usage or image output quality

“We are excited to add MrSID write capability. The Transformer now reads and writes all major GIS file formats including the compression formats,” states Blue Marble President Patrick Cunningham. “This is a powerful image referencing and reprojection utility that every GIS analyst should have in their tool kit.”

“We’re thrilled that Blue Marble’s users will now have the option to create industry standard MG3 files” said Jon Skiffington, LizardTech’s product manager for geospatial imaging. “Using MG3, imagery can be compressed losslessly for pixel for pixel accuracy, or down to five percent of the original image size without sacrificing image quality.”

About Blue Marble Geographics: Blue Marble Geographics of Gardiner, Maine is a leading developer and provider of geographic software products that provide sensible solutions for users and developers of geographic data. Blue Marble currently serves over 130,000 customers in over 120 countries. Learn more at

About LizardTech: LizardTech, a division of Celartem, Inc., was founded in 1992 to build valuable business solutions from technologies created by the world’s leading research organizations including Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and AT&T Labs. LizardTech is a leader in applying state-of-the-art technologies to the real-world challenges of managing, distributing, and accessing large complex digital content such as aerial photographs, satellite imagery, and color scanned documents. LizardTech’s software is installed on millions of desktops and integrated into a wide variety of platforms and applications. LizardTech has offices in Seattle, London and Tokyo. LizardTech is a division of Celartem, Inc., which is wholly owned by Celartem Technology Inc., (Hercules: 4330). For more information about LizardTech, visit

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