October 7, 1996

AT&T With Help From Microsoft, Embeds Blue Marble Geographics GeoCalc

Blue Marble Geographics provided GeoCalc, a comprehensive Dynamic Link Library of their industry leading coordinate conversion software, to AT&T for their software applications that incorporate geographic data.

AT&T has traditionally used the Geographic Calculator in their engineering divisions as part of their quality control for designing long-distance underwater cable routes. The Geographic Calculator enables forward bearing and distance calculations literally to and from any coordinate system based on any datum and projection. Just recently, the Microsoft Consulting Group provided the programming expertise to build ESRI MapObjects applications with GeoCalc embedded to support real world coordinate systems. This will make these normally external computations appear transparent to the user of the AT&T software.

Learn more about GeoCalc online at http://www.bluemarblegeo.com.

Companies using Blue Marble’s geospatial technology