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GM_LoadFlags_t32 Enumeration

Flags when loading new layers

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_LoadFlags_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
LoadFlags_HideProgress1Don't show load progress
LoadFlags_NoProjPrompt2Don't prompt the user for unknown projections
LoadFlags_UseDefaultProj4Use default projection if none provided
LoadFlags_HideWarnings8Hide any load warnings (load errors will still be displayed)
LoadFlags_HideUnknownPrompt16Do not prompt the user to select the file type for unknown file formats
LoadFlags_UseDefaultPos32Use default positioning if none provided (raster files only)
LoadFlags_HideAllPrompts64Use the default value for any prompts that display during the load
LoadFlags_SkipUnloadAll128Skip the first UNLOAD_ALL command at the start of a workspace being loaded
LoadFlags_AssumeFileExists256Assume the file being loaded exists rather than checking for it. This speeds up loads from folders with large numbers of files
LoadFlags_LoadMetadataOnly512Only load metadata from file
LoadFlags_UseHiddenLayers1024Load hidden layers if not showing layer prompt (i.e. for PDF import)?
LoadFlags_ForceRectify2048Force displaying manual rectification dialog (not implemented yet in SDK)
LoadFlags_IsModelLoad4096This is a load of a 3D model
LoadFlags_NoPicturePos8192Don't load image with EXIF data as a picture point
LoadFlags_LoadUnknownAsImage16384Force load of raster layer with unknown interpretation as an image layer vs. grid
LoadFlags_LoadUnknownAsGrid32768Force load of raster layer with unknown interpretation as a grid layer vs. image
LoadFlags_OnlyPicturePos65536Only load images with EXIF data as picture points. Fail images w/ no EXIF data.
LoadFlags_NoEmptyError131072Don't show error message about empty file.
LoadFlags_No3dModels262144Don't load 3D model layers embedded in GMP files
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