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GM_GridGenFlags_t32 Enumeration

This type represents the different flags available for elevation grid generation

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_GridGenFlags_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
GridGen_NoConstraints1Don't treat area and line boundaries as constraints (i.e. break lines)
GridGen_FlattenAreas2Flatten 3D areas
GridGen_FillToBounds4Fill the grid to the full bounding rectangle of the input data and not just to the convex hull
GridGen_IgnoreZeroElevs8Don't use features with an elevation value of 0
GridGen_HeightsRelative16Vector elevations are relative to underlying terrain data (if loaded)
GridGen_CropToAreasIfAllAreas32If all features are areas, mark everything outside areas as invalid
GridGen_IncludeStreams64If stream lines are provided assign them elevations from intersecting lines
GridGen_SelAreasOnly128Only consider selected areas
GridGen_AreaVertexRelativeOnly256Only the area vertex height is relative to ground, not inside the area
GridGen_RelativeRequireValid512If GridGen_HeightsRelative is set, don't grid points if there is no terrain at the location
GridGen_GridLidarIntensity1024Grid Lidar point intensity values rather than elevation values
GridGen_GridLidarHeight2048Grid Lidar height above ground rather than elevation values
GridGen_GridGroundHeight4096Grid the DSM (digital surface model) by working backwards from calculated heights above ground
GridGen_GridLidarNDVI8192Grid the calculated NDVI value from 4-band Lidar (RGB+NIR)
GridGen_GridLidarNDWI16384Grid the calculated NDWI value from 4-band Lidar (RGB+NIR)
GridGen_GridLidarDensity32768Grid the point density in points / m^2 of a Lidar point cloud
GridGen_GridColorRGB65536Grid the RGB color from Lidar points
GridGen_GridColorRGBI131072Grid the RGBI color from 4-band Lidar (RGB+NIR)
GridGen_ApplyLidarBreaklines262144Apply 3D line and 3D area features as breaklines when gridding Lidar data
GridGen_IgnoreTypeFilters524288Ignore any set type filters and grid all 3D features in the provided layer(s)
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