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GM_GridGenSetup_t Class

This type represents the input needed for gridding a set of vector data
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Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public class GM_GridGenSetup_t

The GM_GridGenSetup_t type exposes the following members.

Public methodGM_GridGenSetup_t
Default Constructor
Public fieldmBounds
(GM_Rectangle_t*)Bounding box to grid to in current proj units. Pass NULL to use the combined bounds of all input layers (the default).
Public fieldmDesc
Grid description
Public fieldmElevUnits
Units to generate grid at (elevation values in other units will be converted as needed)
Public fieldmFlags
Flags for grid generation
Public fieldmGridAlg
Algorithm to use for creating elevation grid (if any)
Public fieldmGridBinMult
Grid bin multiplier for use if using a bin-based grid method. This is multiple of calculated point density.
Public fieldmLidarBreaklineBinMult
Number of cells to clear from a Lidar grid around 3D breaklines before applying breakline heights and filling gaps (valid if GM_GridGen_ApplyLidarBreaklines used). Typically in range 1-4.
Public fieldmTaperValue
Taper value for gridding areas. 0.0 for no taper (default)
Public fieldmTightnessMult
Grid tightness multiplier (multiplies resolution) for discarding values far from a sample. Default of zero discards nothing. For Lidar bin gridding you typically do NOT want to use 0 as it it can be very slow to fill all gaps in irregular Lidar data. Use GM_GRID_DISABLE_GAP_FILL to disable gap filling altogether. For Lidar bin grids, gap fill values in the range 1-32 are common.
Public fieldmXRes
X resolution (in current proj units) to generate grid at (use 0.0 for auto-spacing determination)
Public fieldmYRes
Y resolution (in current proj units) to generate grid at (use 0.0 for auto-spacing determination)
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