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GM_LayerInfo_t Class

This type is used when returning information about a layer
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public class GM_LayerInfo_t

The GM_LayerInfo_t type exposes the following members.

Public propertymArchiveFilename
Filename within archive file (e.g. .zip or .tar.gz) from which layer was loaded, if any (might be NULL)
Public propertymBandBitDepth
RASTER/ELEV ONLY: number of bits per band value. Multiply by mNumBands to get total bit depth per sample.
Public propertymBandValType
RASTER/ELEV ONLY: type of data for the bands
Public propertymCodePage
Code page for text in layer. 0 is default and current active code page (CP_ACP). CP_UTF8 is for UTF-8 interpretation.
Public propertymControlPoints
RASTER ONLY: Ground control points list. Point to GM_GroundControlPoint_t
Public propertymDescription
Description string
Public propertymDfltViewGlobal
Default view bounding rect of layer in global coordinates (usually same as mGlobalRect)
Public propertymElevUnits
Elevation units for layer
Public propertymEnabled
Is this layer enabled for display or it it hidden?
Public propertymExtraLoadFlags
Additional load flags with options selected by user during load. Pass these to GM_LoadLayerListEx to remember options.
Public propertymFilename
Filename from which layer was loaded (if this is an archive file, like .zip, then the name of the actual loaded file will be in mArchiveFilename
Public propertymGlobalPixelHeight
RASTER/ELEV ONLY: Approximate number of pixels required in height for a 1:1 pixel mapping in the current projection
Public propertymGlobalPixelWidth
RASTER/ELEV ONLY: Approximate number of pixels required in width for a 1:1 pixel mapping in the current projection
Public propertymGlobalRect
Bounding rect of layer in global coordinates
Public propertymGroupName
Group name that the layer is in. NULL for no group. Separated with <sep> if multiple levels.
Public propertymHasRasterData
Does this layer have raster or elevation data?
Public propertymHasVectorData
Does this layer have vector data (the features counts can all be 0 for things like map catalogs)
Public propertymMaxElevation
ELEV ONLY: Maximum elevation in meters
Public propertymMetadataList
List of metadata attributes and values for the layer
Public propertymMinElevation
ELEV ONLY: Minimum elevation in meters
Public propertymNativeProj
Native projection of layer
Public propertymNativeRect
Bounding rect of layer in native coordinates
Public propertymNumAreas
VECTOR ONLY: Number of area features
Public propertymNumBands
Number of bands in a raster image (use GM_SetRasterDisplayOptions to change color band layout)
Public propertymNumLidarPoints
VECTOR ONLY: Number of Lidar point cloud points (fetch with GM_GetLidarPoint)
Public propertymNumLines
VECTOR ONLY: Number of line features
Public propertymNumPoints
VECTOR ONLY: Number of point features
Public propertymPalette
List of palette entries for palette-based raster layer
Public propertymParentLayer
Handle to parent layer if this is a child (i.e. from catalog or online layer). NULL for all top-level layers.
Public propertymPixelHeight
RASTER/ELEV ONLY: Number of pixels tall layer is
Public propertymPixelSizeX
RASTER/ELEV ONLY: Pixel size in meters in the x direction
Public propertymPixelSizeY
RASTER/ELEV ONLY: Pixel size in meters in the y direction
Public propertymPixelWidth
RASTER/ELEV ONLY: Number of pixels wide layer is
Public propertymRasterTypeFlags
Raster type flags, specifies what type of data a raster layer actually contains
Public propertymTypeName
Layer type name
Public propertymUsedDefaultPos
RASTER/ELEV ONLY: Was the default position used for this layer since the file could not be automatically positioned?
Public propertymUserData
Custom data associated with layer provided by user via GM_SetLayerUserData function
Public propertymUserText
Custom text string associated with layer provided by user via GM_SetLayerUserText function or loaded form workspace.
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