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GM_RasterExportFlags_t32 Enumeration

Flags for raster (i.e. GeoTIFF, JPG) image and elevation grid export

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_RasterExportFlags_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
ExportFlags_GenWorldFile1Generate a world file
ExportFlags_GenPRJFile2Generate a projection (PRJ) file
ExportFlags_GenTABFile4Generate a MapInfo TAB file
ExportFlags_Grayscale8Generate a grayscale image (raster only)
ExportFlags_Palette16Generate a paletted image (raster only)
ExportFlags_HideProgress32Don't show export progress
ExportFlags_JPGinTIFF64Create a JPG compressed GeoTIFF file (Export_GeoTIFF format only)
ExportFlags_FillSmallGaps128Fill small gaps in data when exporting elevation data
ExportFlags_AllowLossy256Allow lossy export to GMG
ExportFlags_16BitSamples512Use signed 16-bit integer elevation values (Export_BIL and Export_Erdas_Elevation formats only)
ExportFlags_UseLZW1024Use LZW compression for GeoTIFF file (Export_GeoTIFF format only)
ExportFlags_NoTransparent2048Don't mark background pixels transparent for PNG file (Export_PNG format only)
ExportFlags_AddAlpha4096Add an alpha channel to formats that support it (need for Export_GeoTIFF [24-bit only], enabled by default for Export_PNG)
ExportFlags_SeparateVectorLayers8192Draw each vector separately rather than drawing all at once when exporting vector data
ExportFlags_HidePartialLabels16384Don't draw any labels that are only partially within the export box
ExportFlags_ExportSlopeValues32768Export slope values rather than elevation values (Export_FloatGrid only)
ExportFlags_ExportSlopeDirValues65536Export slope direction values rather than elevation values (Export_FloatGrid only)
ExportFlags_UseEsriHdrFormat131072Export ESRI format HDR for Export_BIL format
ExportFlags_BigEndian262144Save big endian elevation samples for Export_BIL format
ExportFlags_ForceSquareSamples524288Force square samples in the export. The provided pixel dimensions will be altered to get close, then the provided bounds will grow in one direction to make this happen
ExportFlags_NoCompression1048576Disable compression (Export_GeoTIFF format only)
ExportFlags_UseRGBIfTooManyColors2097152Use 24-bit RGB image rather than palette if more than 256 unique colors are in output
ExportFlags_SkipEmpty4194304Abort if empty
ExportFlags_GenAuxXmlFile8388608Generate an ESRI .aux.xml file with the projection in it
ExportFlags_UseDeflate16777216Use Deflate/Zip compression for GeoTIFF file (Export_GeoTIFF format only)
ExportFlags_ExcludeVectorLayers33554432Should we exclude any vector layers from the export?
ExportFlags_IncludeMapLayout67108864Should we include enabled map layout elements like distance scale, elevation legend, legend, etc.?
ExportFlags_BestRasterLayers268435456Only draw the best raster layers for this zoom scale
ExportFlags_BestRasterLayersHiRes805306368Same as ExportFlags_BestRasterLayers, only it shows higher resolution layers a bit sooner
ExportFlags_LowResRasterLayers536870912Only draw the lowest resolution raster layers
ExportFlags_HiResRasterLayers1073741824Only draw the highest resolution raster layers
ExportFlags_BestRasterChart1342177280Only draw the best raster chart (this is tuned for marine chart display)
GM_ExportFlags_RasterMask4026531840Mask for raster draw options
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