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GM_PackageExportFlags_t32 Enumeration

Flags for package export

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_PackageExportFlags_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
ExportPackage_LatLongWGS841Export data in lat/lon/WGS84 coordinates rather than the current projection or native projection of each layer
ExportPackage_DoublePrecision2Use double-precision coordinates for vector data.
ExportPackage_DiscardAttributes4Discard vector feature attributes
ExportPackage_HideProgress8Don't show export progress
ExportPackage_KeepAllStyles16Keep all style information, even if features are using default style
ExportPackage_UseNativeProj32Use the native projection for each layer rather than the current projection or lat/lon/WGS84
ExportPackage_CombineVectorLayers64Specifies that all compatible vector layers should be combined into a single layer instead of maintained in their original layers
ExportPackage_ExtraElevPrecision128Store elevation values from elevation grid files with extra precision
ExportPackage_EmbedImages256Embed associated images
ExportPackage_NoAreaFeatures512Don't export areas
ExportPackage_NoLineFeatures1024Don't export lines
ExportPackage_NoPointFeatures2048Don't export points
ExportPackage_MobileFormat4096Export using mobile format
ExportPackage_IncludeThumbnail8192Include a thumbnail image
ExportPackage_UseJP216384Save raster data as JPEG 2000 (default is GeoTIFF) - results won't work in GM earlier than v17.2
ExportPackage_AlwaysUseJP232768Save all raster layers as JPEG 2000. Will lose palette info if given. Ignore GM_ExportPackage_UseJP2 flag. Requires GM v17.2 or later to load result.
ExportPackage_SortLidar65536Spatially sort Lidar point clouds for faster interaction with data. Note the original record number is lost when this is done.
ExportPackage_ResampleExternally131072If a layer has a resampling method set, export using nearest neighbor and auto-select resampling method at load time
ExportPackage_KeepHiddenFeatures262144Include all features even if they are unchecked in a type filter or otherwise hidden
ExportPackage_IgnoreBounds524288Ignore the export bounds, include the full layer for all passed in data (can be useful if some data isn't really projected)
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