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GM_RasterExportFormat_t32 Enumeration

List of supported raster export types

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_RasterExportFormat_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
Export_GeoTIFF0GeoTIFF format
Export_JPG1JPG format
Export_PNG2PNG format
Export_Erdas_Imagine3Erdas Imagine IMG format
Export_BMP4BMP (Windows) format
Export_ECW5ECW format
Export_BIL_Raster6BIL format raster (RGB or grayscale)
Export_JPEG20007JPEG 2000 format
Export_NITF8NITF format
Export_BIP9BIP format raster (band interleaved pixel)
Export_BSQ10BSQ format raster (band sequential)
Export_EsriGDB_Raster11Esri Geodatabase
Export_CADRG_CIB12CADRG/CIB (RPF) format (NOTE: must use ExportRasterEx for this format to provide additional parameters)
Export_GMG_WebTiles13Global Mapper Grid (GMG) format used as web tiles
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