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GM_Constants Class

Defines all of the relevant constants to use for the SDK
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public class GM_Constants

The GM_Constants type exposes the following members.

Public methodGM_Constants
Initializes a new instance of the GM_Constants class
Public methodStatic memberDEGTORAD
Converts Degrees to Radians
Public methodStatic memberGM_NORMALIZE_ANGLE_DEG
Define macro to normalize an angle value in degrees to [0,360]
Public methodStatic memberGM_NORMALIZE_ANGLE_RAD
Normalize an angle value in radians to [0,2*PI]
Public methodStatic memberRADTODEG
Converts Radians to Degrees
Public methodStatic memberRGB_TO_GRAY(Color)
Convert Color to a gray value
Public methodStatic memberRGB_TO_GRAY(Int32, Int32, Int32)
Convert RGB colors (or COLORREF) to a gray value
Public fieldStatic memberFW_BLACK
Same as Heavy
Public fieldStatic memberFW_BOLD
Number to define bold font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_DEMIBOLD
Same as Semi Bold
Public fieldStatic memberFW_DONTCARE
Don't care what font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_EXTRABOLD
Number to define extra-bold font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_EXTRALIGHT
Number to define extra-light font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_HEAVY
Number to define heavy font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_LIGHT
Number to define light font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_MEDIUM
Number to define medium font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_NORMAL
Number to define normal font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_REGULAR
Same as Regular
Public fieldStatic memberFW_SEMIBOLD
Number to define semi-bold font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_THIN
Number to define thin font weight
Public fieldStatic memberFW_ULTRABOLD
Same as Extra Bold
Public fieldStatic memberFW_ULTRALIGHT
Same as Extra Light
Public fieldStatic memberGM_GRID_DFLT_BIN_GAP_FILL_SIZE
Default gap fill size for gridding point clouds
Public fieldStatic memberGM_GRID_DFLT_BIN_SIZE
Default bin size for gridding point clouds
Public fieldStatic memberGM_GRID_DISABLE_GAP_FILL
Small value to disable gap filling altogether
Public fieldStatic memberGM_GRID_FILL_ALL_GAPS
Fill all gaps regardless of size
Public fieldStatic memberGM_GROUP_SEP_STR
Define separator string to use in the group name for a layer for specifying nested groups
Public fieldStatic memberGM_INTENSITY_MAX_VALID
Maximum valid value for intensity
Public fieldStatic memberGM_INTENSITY_MIN_VALID
Minimum valid value for intensity
Public fieldStatic memberGM_INVALID_COLOR
Define an invalid color (for Color)
Public fieldStatic memberGM_INVALID_ELEV_VALUE
Define an invalid elevation value
Define index of last area, line, or point feature that you can get without a license with GM_Get*Feature functions
Public fieldStatic memberGM_NDVI_MAX_BARE
Maximum NDVI vlaue that is likely bare earth, water, building, etc.
Public fieldStatic memberGM_NDVI_MAX_VALID
Minimum valid value for NDVI
Public fieldStatic memberGM_NDVI_MIN_VALID
Minimum valid value for NDVI
Public fieldStatic memberGM_NDVI_MIN_VEG
Minimum NDVI value that is very likely vegetation
Public fieldStatic memberGM_NDWI_MAX_NON_WATER
Maximum NDWI value that is likely not water
Public fieldStatic memberGM_NDWI_MAX_VALID
Minimum valid value for NDWI
Public fieldStatic memberGM_NDWI_MAX_VEG
Max value that is likely some kind of vegetation
Public fieldStatic memberGM_NDWI_MIN_VALID
Minimum valid value for NDWI
Public fieldStatic memberGM_NDWI_MIN_WATER
Minimum NDWI value that is likely water or a building
Public fieldStatic memberLIDAR_INVALID_COLOR
Define an invalid RGB color for Lidar use
Public fieldStatic memberLOG2_VAL
Log 2
Public fieldStatic memberPI
wgs'84 value of pi
Public fieldStatic memberTWO_PI
2.0 * PI
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