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GM_MiscOpt_t32 Enumeration

Misc. advanced options flags used with GM_Utility.SetMiscOptionEx

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_MiscOpt_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
MiscOpt_DXFInsertsAsPoints0Import DXF INSERT entities as points
MiscOpt_TIFFPreferTFW1Prefer TFW coordinates for GeoTIFF files
MiscOpt_ExportOldFormatPRJ2Export old format PRJ instead of new format
MiscOpt_DXFLayersAsCustomTypes3Add new custom types for DXF layers
MiscOpt_HideNonIconRoadLabels4Hide any road labels that are not icons
MiscOpt_ClampGridToDataBounds5Don't expand grid lines beyond the edge of loaded data
MiscOpt_BILQueryFor16BitType7When loading BIL (and other similar) imagery that is 16-bit and single band, ask the user if it is elevation or imagery data
MiscOpt_BorderHighlightAreas8Only draw a thick border for highlighted areas rather than a filled cross-hatch
MiscOpt_AddRecIDAttribute9Add record ID (index) as attribute for vector features from some file types
MiscOpt_DefaultToOEMCharset11Make default font display use the OEM character set (codepage 437) rather than the ANSI character set (codepage 1252)
MiscOpt_CenterLabelsTransparent12Make labels centered on lines use transparent background rather than opaque
MiscOpt_MarkAddressedSegments13Mark line segments with addressing with dashed styles on the side(s) of the line with addressing
MiscOpt_HideOffscreenLabels14Don't display any labels that aren't completely onscreen
MiscOpt_UseCRLFInWorldFiles15Use CR/LF to terminate lines in exported world files rather than just LF
MiscOpt_LogDebugMessages16DEPRECATED - Use MiscOpt_SetLogLevel instead - Log debug messages to a file or via message callback
MiscOpt_DontCropAtATM17Don't crop lat/lon area and line features that cross the ATM or have bad lat/lon values
MiscOpt_DisableAutoSmooth18Disable automatic interpolation of raster data at intermediate zoom levels
MiscOpt_UseFilePathForExport19Use path to first loaded file as default export path
MiscOpt_MarkTurnRestrictions20Mark the ends of lines involved in turn restrictions
MiscOpt_DontAutoContrastDGTiffs21Disable automatic contrast adjustment for Digital Globe imagery
MiscOpt_HideMeasureAttrUnitNames22Hide the unit names on measure unit text
MiscOpt_DGNImportCellsAsPoints27Import DGN cells as point features rather than exploding them
MiscOpt_DGNAddColorToDesc28Add DGN feature color to description in addition to level
MiscOpt_MaintainExportBounds32Maintain export bounds over spacing
MiscOpt_AutoIconizeRoadNames33Automatically iconize road type names on import
MiscOpt_RenderEndpoints34Render area and line start and end vertices
MiscOpt_KeepPixelIfAnyInCropPoly37Keep pixel on export if any part of the pixel is inside the crop polygon/bounds rather than just the center
MiscOpt_LabelLinesOnLongestSeg38Always label lines along longest segment
MiscOpt_AreaLabelsMustFitInArea40Only display area labels if the label fits inside the area feature.
MiscOpt_TreatDbfTextAsUtf842DEPRECATED (Use Layer Code Page Now): Treat DBF file text as UTF-8 encoded
MiscOpt_AlwaysInterpolateRasters43Always enable interpolation for raster layers when loading them
MiscOpt_DisableAutoExportInterp45Disable automatic interpolation of reprojected layers during export
MiscOpt_UsePenUpBorderDrawMode47When duplicate vertex is encountered in area feature, turn off next border segment
MiscOpt_UseGridDistance51Measure using grid distance instead of Vincenty lat/lon distance
MiscOpt_AlwaysFakeRasterPos53Always fake the positioning information for unknown raster files
MiscOpt_PlacePRJAfterFullFName55Place PRJ after full filename, like test.ecw.prj for test.ecw, when generating PRJ files on export
MiscOpt_IncludeDatumXFormAndEpsgInPRJ59Include datum transformation parameters (TOWGS84) and EPSG does in generated WKT PRJ files. Not compatible with ESRI as morphToEsri removes them.
MiscOpt_DefaultContrastMinMax60Default auto contrast adjustment to linear min/max stretch
MiscOpt_S57IncludeValAndDesc61Include both the value and description in the attributes for S57 features
MiscOpt_UseRhumbLineDistance63Measure using rhumb line distance instead of Vincenty lat/lon or grid distance
MiscOpt_DisableAutoContrast64Disable automatic constrast adjustment for high bit depth images
MiscOpt_SnapExportToPixel65Snap non-reprojected exports to raster data pixel boundary
MiscOpt_NoAutoInterpTerrain66Disable automatic interpolation of terrain layers on import
MiscOpt_GeoTIFFNoCompDefault69Default GeoTIFF exports to no compression
MiscOpt_MeasureWholeNumbers73Force measurements to use nearest whole number (integer) value
MiscOpt_ShowSegLensOnMap74Label the length of each line segment on the map.
MiscOpt_ShowSegBearingsOnMap80Label the bearing of each line segment on the map.
MiscOpt_CheckBinarySTL81Check 'export binary STL' option on export options dialog
MiscOpt_DontCopyErrorToClip82Don't automatically copy error messages to the clipboard
MiscOpt_LoadExifJpgAsImage83Ignore EXIF position data in JPG files and load them as images instead
MiscOpt_DontAppendGridUnits84Don't append unit labels (like 'm') to projected grid line labels
MiscOpt_DisableCustomFileSave85Disable the save of custom features to files on shutdown, like custom_datums.txt, etc.
MiscOpt_OnlySnapToPoints88Only snap to point features by default
MiscOpt_SnapExportToSpacing89Snap exports to nearest sample spacing boundary
MiscOpt_S57ShortAttrNameVal90Use short attribute names and raw values in S57 attribute list
MiscOpt_ElevCropAreaBoundsGrid91When cropping an elevation export to an area, treat the area bounds as grid cell and not visual bounds
MiscOpt_RectifyNo2ndDegPoly93Don't switch to 2nd degree polynomial rectification method for 6+ control points
MiscOpt_ScaleElevShaderToView94Scale elevation shader to just the elevation values that are currently in view
MiscOpt_GPSUseShaderForVessel95Use the current elevation shader and GPS elevation to color the GPS vessel
MiscOpt_GPSUseShaderForTrack96Use the current elevation shader and GPS elevation to color the GPS track
MiscOpt_OnlineExportZoomSameAsDraw98When exporting from an online source, use the exact same logic to select the zoom level as is used during draw
MiscOpt_RestoreLastMapLayout99Restore the last used map layout between sessions rather than just through workspaces
MiscOpt_HideStyleAttr101Don't display any style attributes that are included with features at load time
MiscOpt_KeepEntireClippedFeature102When exporting cropped to a polygon, keep the entire area/line if it overlaps crop areas at all
MiscOpt_MSSQLUseGeometryColumns103When importing from MS SQL Server, use geometry_columns table to get list of spatial tables
MiscOpt_DontPrependGroupsToLayerNames105Don't prepend layer group names to layer names in layer selection list in feature edit dialog
MiscOpt_OnlineTilesSaveWorldFile107Automatically create world files and PRJ files for downloaded online tiles. Bug 15140
MiscOpt_DontPreventLabelCollisionsAcrossLayerGroups108Don't prevent the collision of labels across layer group boundaries when drawing and labeling each vector layer separately rather than all at once.
MiscOpt_PdfUseOldRenderer109Use the old GDI+ render engine for PDF display on load rather than new DPLR (QuickPDFRenderer.dll) rendering engine. Can fix issues with display of some files that new engine doesn't show correctly.
MiscOpt_DontSaveViewLayoutToGMW110If set, don't save or restore non-default multi-view layouts to/from workspace files
MiscOpt_DontShowPerpProfileHelpTip111If set, don't show the instructional tip when initially adding a feature for extraction on the path profile control
MiscOpt_GPSStartTrackingAtStartup112If set, GPS tracking will attempt to start when the application initially starts
MiscOpt_RenderAutoCropPolyOnMap113If set, render automatic crop polygons (PDF, BSB, etc.) on map when present. Use for debugging crop boundaries.
MiscOpt_ControlCenterReverseOrder114If set, the layers in the Control Center will render with the top displayed layer as the first item and proceed down the draw stack from there.
MiscOpt_DontCenterMapOnSelVertex115If set, we will NOT center the main map view on the selected vertex when clicking on it on the Feature Vertices dialog
MiscOpt_ReformatDbfNumbers116If set, we will reformat any DBF file Number fields in scientific notation to a prettier format if in a normal range (i.e. no huge exponent)
MiscOpt_OverviewDrawLabels117Indicates whether or not to draw feature labels in the Overview Map window
MiscOpt_OverviewTrackVisibleLayers118Indicates whether or not the overview window bounds will include only visible layers
MiscOpt_DisableScriptRunCommand119If set, the RUN_COMMAND script command will not be allowed to run (Bug 20859). Should NOT be able to change this from a script.
MiscOpt_DisplayLatLongPadding120If set, the Lat/Long values displayed in the status bar will be zero padded (lat = DD, long = DDD)
MiscOpt_OverlapFakePosRasterLayers121When loading image layers and faking the location for display, should we draw them on top of each other or next to each other?
MiscOpt_DrawFatRoads256Draw roads with fat style when zoomed in
MiscOpt_LinearMeasureUnits257Linear measurement units (value is GM_LinearUnits_t8 type)
MiscOpt_AllowUnlimitedECWExportSize258Allow ECW exports greater than 500MB uncompressed. You must have the appropriate license from Erdas to do this.
MiscOpt_SetVectorExportElevUnits259Specifies the elevation units to use when exporting 3D features with per-vertex elevations or associated single elevation values (value is GM_ElevUnits_t8, but must be meters or feet)
MiscOpt_PositionDisplayFormat260Position display format (value is GM_PosDisplayFormat_t8 type)
MiscOpt_AreaMeasureUnits261Area measurement units (value is GM_AreaUnits_t8)
MiscOpt_VolumeMeasureUnits262Volume measurement units (value is GM_VolumeUnits_t8)
MiscOpt_SetDefaultFontCharset263Sets the default font character set (value is Windows character set enumeration, like OEM_CHARSET, RUSSIAN_CHARSET, etc.)
MiscOpt_ElevDispExpUnits264Sets the default elevation display/export units (value is GM_ElevDisplayUnits_t8 type)
MiscOpt_SetLogLevel265Sets the error/debug log level (value is GM_LogLevel_t8)
MiscOpt_SetLogFilename266Sets the log filename (value is const char*) - Use GM_Utility.SetMiscOptionEx
MiscOpt_SetTimingsFilename267Sets the filename to log detailed timings to (value is const char*) - Use GM_Utility.SetMiscOptionEx
MiscOpt_SetTempFolder268Sets the base temporary file path (value is const char*) - Use GM_Utility.SetMiscOptionEx
MiscOpt_GPSCenterOnVehicle269Automatically center the display on the GPS location
MiscOpt_GPSOrientTrackUp270Automatically rotate the display so the GPS heading points directly up
MiscOpt_CenterOnTargetPoly271Automatically center the display on the GPS/video target polygon (Aerial Filmworks extension)
MiscOpt_VideoCenterOnVehicle272Automatically center the display on the video playback location
MiscOpt_VideoOrientTrackUp273Automatically rotate the display so the video playback heading points directly up
MiscOpt_BearingSense274Bearing sense (i.e. True North, Mag North, Grid North) (value is GM_BearingSense_t8)
MiscOpt_SetLidarDrawMode275Sets the global Lidar draw mode used when Lidar module active (value is GM_LidarDrawMode_t8)
MiscOpt_Invalid4294967295placeholder for invalid
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