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GM_WebExportFormat_t32 Enumeration

List of supported web export types

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_WebExportFormat_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
Export_GoogleMaps0Google Maps format
Export_VirtualEarth1Virtual Earth (Bing Maps) format
Export_KMLRaster2KML/KMZ raster format
Export_WorldWind3WorldWind tile format
Export_TMS4TMS (Tile Map Service) tile format
Export_OSM5OSM (OpenStreetMap) tile format
Export_MBTiles6MBTiles format
Export_RMaps7RMaps format
Export_Zoomify8Zoomify web format
Export_GeoPackage9GeoPackage tiles
Export_NumWebFormats10Total number of web formats
Export_BingMaps1Bing Maps format
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