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GM_Error_t32 Enumeration

Error codes

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_Error_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
Error_None0The function completed successfully
Error_InvalidLayer1The provided layer is not open
Error_InvalidParam2A parameter was invalid
Error_LoadError3Unable to load layer
Error_MultipleLayers4Multiple layers were found in the file being loaded (call GM_LoadLayerList instead)
Error_CollarSetup5Unable to automatically crop the collar
Error_DrawError6An unknown error occured drawing the layer(s)
Error_ExportError7An unknown error occured exporting the layer(s)
Error_NothingToExport8No data was available to export
Error_InvalidFormat9An invalid export format was specified
Error_RectifyError10An error occured rectifying the image
Error_NotSupported11The operation is not supported for the layer
Error_NotRegistered12No registry key was found to enable this functionality
Error_NoDataAtLocation13No data was found at the specified location
Error_OutOfMemory14Not enough memory to complete the requested operation
Error_Projection15An error occured projecting a coordinate
Error_NoProjectionSet16No view/export projection is currently set
Error_ViewShedCalc17An error occurred performing the view shed analysis
Error_OperationCanceled18The user canceled the operation
Error_OnlineConnect19A connection to the online servicee could not be established
Error_OnlineUnknownSource20No online source with the theme name provided could be found
Error_GenerateContours21An error occurred generating the contours
Error_NotRasterLayer22The layer provided is not a raster or elevation layer
Error_InvalidPackage23The provided handle is not a valid package
Error_InvalidFeatureIndex24There was no feature at the given index in the layer
Error_InvalidDrawStyle25The drawing style passed in is not valid
Error_InvalidSymbolName26The symbol name provided does not match any available point symbols
Error_SymbolAlreadyCreated27The symbol name specified has already been added
Error_MissingFile28The file specified could not be found
Error_GPSDataNotValid29The GPS data requested does not currently have a valid value available
Error_GPSAlreadyTracking30A GPS device is already being tracked, call GM_GPSStopTracking
Error_VolumeCalcFailed31An error occurred calculating the volume
Error_InvalidHoleIndex32The area does not have a hole at the index provided
Error_InvalidMapIndex33There is no map at the given index in the map catalog
Error_3DNotOpen34No 3D view window is currently open
Error_3DLibraryNotFound35The ExternalViewerIntf.dll library was not found
Error_3DLibraryBadInterface36The ExternalViewerIntf.dll library did not have the proper interface
Error_3DCreateError37Unexpected error creating 3D view
Error_3DSetViewError38Unexpected error setting 3D view
Error_NothingFound39No features were found within the search area
Error_SearchError40Unexpected search area
Error_LowMemory41Some data was not drawn due to low available memory
Error_NotElevationLayer42The layer provided is not an elevation layer
Error_FileAlreadyInCatalog43The provided file was already in the map catalog to which it was being added.
Error_TypeAlreadyExists44The provided type name was already used by an existing type
Error_DatumAlreadyExists45A built-in datum with the given name already exists
Error_UnknownEllipsoid46The ellipsoid name provided does not match a known ellipsoid
Error_GridError47Error generating grid from 3D vector data
Error_InvalidShaderName48The shader name provided was not found
Error_SymbolNotCustom49The symbol name provided is not a custom one that can be deleted
Error_MGRSParseError50Error parsing MGRS coordinate string
Error_CreateBufferError51Error creating a buffer around a feature
Error_CopyrightedData52The data attempting to be exported or fetched is copyrighted
Error_BrushAlreadyCreated53A fill style with the provided name already exists
Error_BrushError54An error was encountered adding the custom fill brush
Error_EllipsoidAlreadyExists55An ellipsoid with the given name already exists
Error_CombineError56An error occurred combining the areas
Error_SkippedEmpty57Empty tile was skipped on export due to passing GM_ExportFlags_SkipEmpty
Error_NoFeatureElev58The feature does not have a single elevation value (for lines and areas there may be per-vertex values)
Error_ArcGISNotLicensed59Attempted to load an ArcGIS database, but there is no license for ArcGIS
Error_NotSupportedIn64BitBuild60Attempted to use functionality that is not supported in a 64-bit build
Error_UnableToConnectToDB61Unable to connect to the database using the input connection string
Error_Unspecified62Generic unspecified error
Error_Script63Error running script
Error_InvalidLidarPointIdx64The Lidar point index is out of range
Error_NothingChanged65Nothing was changed by the modification
Error_NotPaletteLayer66The layer is not a palette-based layer
Error_NotImageLayer67The layer does not contain color imagery
Error_InvalidBand68The provided band was outside the range of bands for the layer
Error_NoElevationLayersLoaded69There are no elevation layers currently loaded
Error_NoVectorLayersLoaded70There are no vector layers currently loaded
Error_COAST71Unspecified COAST processing error
Error_NoCOASTModelParmsLoaded72No model parameter file is loaded
Error_RegistryOpFailed73Error while reading or writing the registry
Error_InvalidCodePage74The code page provided is not known
Error_InvalidLidarQuery75The Lidar query that you passed in is not an active one
Error_LidarPointInQuery76The Lidar point was already in the Lidar query
Error_LidarPointNotInQuery77The Lidar point was not found in the Lidar query
Error_NumCodes78Number of Error Codes Defined
Error_NotImplemented65535The given function hasn't been implemented yet
Error_TerraServerConnect19A connection to the TerraService could not be established
Error_TerraServerBadTheme20No TerraServer theme with the theme name provided could be found
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