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GM_FindFlags_t32 Enumeration

Flags to control the GM_FindNearestFeatures function

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_FindFlags_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
FindFlags_FindAreas1Search area features
FindFlags_FindLines2Search line features
FindFlags_FindPoints4Search point features
FindFlags_GetAllFeatures8Return all features in bounds (ignore search radius)
FindFlags_DoFullCropTest16When getting all features, make sure the features actually intersect the bounds and not that just their bounding box intersects
FindFlags_PartialOk32When finding features in an area, allow partial inclusion and not just complete enclosure
FindFlags_FindLidar64Search Lidar point clouds
FindFlags_FindMeshes128Search mesh (3D model) features
FindFlags_FindAll7Mask for search all normal feature class (areas, lines, and points)
FindFlags_FindAllEx199Mask for search all feature types, including meshes and Lidar
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