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GM_WebExportFlags_t32 Enumeration

This type represents flags available for web format exports

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly:  GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (
public enum GM_WebExportFlags_t32
  Member nameValueDescription
WebExport_NoTransparency1Don't use transparency in exported files
WebExport_DisplayResults2Automatically load the results in a web browser/viewer
WebExport_HideProgress4Don't show export progress
WebExport_AddScaleBar8Add scale bar control (Google Maps only)
WebExport_AddMapTypeControl16Add map type selector control (Google Maps only)
WebExport_AddOverviewMap32Add overview map control (Google Maps only)
WebExport_AutoGrid64Automatically grid for display (KML only - super overlays)
WebExport_SkipEmptyTiles128Don't export empty tiles
WebExport_WWUseJavaFilenames256Use filenames for WorldWind Java edition
WebExport_WWTransparentTiles512Create transparent tiles
WebExport_SkipExistingTiles1024Skip existing tiles
WebExport_FillToTileBounds2048Fill to tile bounds
WebExport_NoHtmlFile4096Just export tiles, no HTML file
WebExport_ForcePalettePNG8192Always create 8-bit palette PNG files
WebExport_DontDeleteCancel16384Don't delete already exported tiles on cancel
WebExport_OnlyGetTileCount32768Just get estimated count of tiles that would be exported and save in mTileCount pointer in web export structure
WebExport_SaveVectorData65536Save vector data if loaded
WebExport_GenWorldFiles131072Generate world files for each tile
WebExport_FullTilesOnly262144Only export fully covered tiles
WebExport_ForceTransPNG524288Force any transparent tiles to export as PNG
WebExport_CreateRowFolders1048576Create separate folders for each row of tiles
WebExport_ClampToDataRes2097152For a tiled GMG (terrain) export, clamp the most detailed zoom layer to the spacing of the input data rather than tile zoom resolution.
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