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Terrain Analysis in Global Mapper Agenda

Focusing on Global Mapper’s extensive terrain and 3D analysis functionality, this six-hour class incorporates functionality from both the Standard and Pro editions of the software and is intended for users with a basic understanding of the features and functions of Global Mapper.

Users who are new to Global Mapper are encouraged to complete the concise, self-guided Introduction to Global Mapper course before the start of the class. This online easy-to-follow course has been designed to help new users understand the layout of the software as well as some of its basic features and functions. Completion of this course will ensure that the classroom-based instruction focuses on the practical applications of Global Mapper.

The instruction technique is hands-on so each attendee should have a Windows-based laptop computer with the latest build of Global Mapper installed. If necessary, temporary licenses will be provided to enable all of the functionality of the software for the duration of the class. All data used during the class will be provided via download prior to the class.

The class will cover the following:

  • Terrain creation from lidar data
  • Terrain visualization
  • Terrain painting and modification
  • Contour generation
  • Watershed analysis
  • Breakline creation
  • Least cost path analysis
  • Viewshed/line of sight analysis
  • Volume calculation
  • Flood simulation
  • Cut and Fill analysis
  • Comparing terrain layers

Additional functionality will be introduced during the class to facilitate the structured workflows.

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