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Lidar Processing in Global Mapper Training Agenda

Using the extensive point cloud processing tools in Global Mapper Pro, this nine-hour class will explore all aspects of lidar processing from initial data quality assurance to 3D analysis. The class will introduce the structure and characteristics of lidar data before following a series of workflows that demonstrate the point cloud creation, visualization, editing, filtering, and analysis capabilities of the software.

This class has been designed for experienced users of Global Mapper so the core functionality of the software, such as file management, interface navigation, tool selection, etc. will not be explicitly covered in the class. New users are strongly encouraged to sign up for the self-guided Introduction to Global Mapper course before the start of the class. This online easy-to-follow course covers the layout of the software as well as some of its basic features and functions.

The instruction technique is hands-on so each attendee should have a Windows-based laptop computer with the latest build of Global Mapper Pro installed. If necessary, a temporary license file will be provided to enable all of the functionality of the software for the duration of the class. All data used during the class will be provided via download prior to the class.

The class will cover the following:

  • The structure and characteristics of lidar data
  • Creating a photogrammetric point cloud
  • Point cloud visualization
  • Lidar filtering
  • Noise removal
  • Point cloud thinning
  • Lidar editing
  • Lidar QC (vertical rectification)
  • Lidar segmentation
  • Reclassifying a Point Cloud
  • Custom feature classification (training)
  • Extracting Vector Features from Lidar Data
  • Exporting lidar data

Additional functionality will be introduced during the class to facilitate the structured workflows.

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