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Application Features

GPS Data Live in MapInfo

Live GPS Connections

New Version 4.0


  • Multiple GPS connection support
  • Profiles for working with multiple GPS units on the same computer or sharing profiles between users/computers
  • Extended logging support for non NMEA data streams
  • Support for Trimble TAIP protocol
  • Enhanced support of Trimble TSIP and Garmin protocols
  • Faster than real time GPS log playback options

Path Manager Tool

  • Import/Export of Waypoint, Route and Track data between open MapInfo Tables, GPS units, and GIS data formats (TAB, MIF, SHP, XLS, CSV, GPX, KML)
  • Column mapping to facilitate merging GPS data into existing tables
  • Pick list for partial import or export of Waypoints, Route, and Track data

MapInfo MBX Tool

  • Import/Export from MapInfo to Path Manager via toolbar
  • Create Polygon tool
  • Record Offset point tool
  • Track GPS location in non-WGS84-based Mapper windows

Version 3.3

  • Garmin protocol support
  • Garmin USB native support
  • Baud rate maximum speed increased to 57600
  • Pure MSI installation for MapInfo version

Version 3.2

  • 32-bit application
  • significantly improved performance and numerous enhancements