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Global Mapper Software Development Kit® (SDK)

The Global Mapper Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a Windows DLL, which allows developers to include much of the functionality of Global Mapper in their very own application. It includes both native 32-bit and 64-bit DLLs, allowing developers to target any Windows system. The Global Mapper SDK is a standard Windows DLL and can be used with many programming languages on a Windows platform, including Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Visual C#. It also comes with a helpful managed CLR wrapper component that makes developing managed code a snap.

The Global Mapper Software Development Kit (SDK) supports a variety of file formats. Its extensive import and export file compatibility ensures that it is one of the most interoperable GIS applications available today in the market. View all supported file formats in the user guide.

Lidar Elevation model created in Global Mapper
Lidar Elevation model created in Global Mapper

Globe icon Lidar Elevation model created in Global Mapper
3D View with Skybox and Textures
3D View with Skybox and Textures

Globe icon 3D View with Skybox and Textures
Elevation contour image
Elevation contour image

Globe icon Elevation contour image

Interested in Writing an Extension to the Global Mapper Desktop?

Customers can create desktop extensions for Global Mapper. Global Mapper SDK Developers can extend Global Mapper Desktop functionality through toolbars and menu items by joining the Blue Marble Developer Network program to help promote their custom software. For more information contact sales ( today.

Recent releases have focused on optimizing the speed of data display and exporting, especially when working with very large raster or terrain datasets. Improvements have also been made to Lidar rendering and processing with the speed of point cloud gridding measured at four to 10 times faster depending on number of cores and processing power. A completely redesigned 3D View now offers “Infinite Terrain” capability allowing the entire extent of any loaded terrain or point cloud dataset to be displayed with the detail level dynamically updated as the 3D View is zoomed or panned.

A Lidar Module is also available for the Global Mapper SDK. Advanced Lidar functionality can be added to the standard SDK product activating a host of powerful Lidar tools, including automatic reclassification, feature extraction for rendering 3D buildings/trees/power lines, and advanced point cloud filtering options. To learn more about adding advanced Lidar functionality to your SDK click here.

Recent Developments in Global Mapper SDK

Each release includes many new and updated features and functions. Highlights of the SDK version 22 include:

  • Dramatically faster rendering of tiled online sources, especially in 3D.
  • Support for creating point, line, or area features from a list of coordinates in an MS Excel (.xls/.xlsx) file.
  • A tabular preview showing the beginning of an imported ASCII or Excel file.

For more information on purchasing a SDK license, contact our sales team at

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