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Purchase Global Mapper Mango Map Subscription

Purchase Global Mapper MangoMap Subscription

Please carefully review the annual product offerings below and click the Purchase button next to the appropriate option.

Global Mapper v21 or later required to create a MangoMap account

Business Subscription

Publish up to 20 maps with 4 GB of storage, plus:

  • Data editing (attributes & geometry)
  • Raster and WMS Support
  • Add your company logo
  • Customize the interface, color scheme and layout
  • Use your own domain name
  • Password protected maps

Enterprise Subscription

Publish up to 40 maps with 8 GB of storage, plus:

  • Automated updates with Data Sync
  • Invite your team
  • Define team roles (Viewers, Editors & Admins)
  • Group based permissions for fine grained access control
  • Private map and data portal
  • Remove all Mango branding from your maps
  • Maptiks and Google Analytics

Agency Subscription

Publish up to 100 maps with 16 GB of storage, plus:

  • Everything included with Enterprise

For more information about MangoMap subscriptions contact or click here to learn more.

Licenses: Subscriptions that are purchased through Blue Marble Geographics will allow users to access Global Mapper's MangoMap extension. Customers who purchase a license through MangoMap will not have access to the Global Mapper extension.

Questions about purchasing should be directed to

Please contact with any license related questions.