New Tools and Features in the LiDAR Module®

New in v22.0

  • A new Terrain Paint tool for manipulating elevation values in a free-form way using an interface similar to MS Paint, Photoshop, etc.
  • A new algorithm that improves building classification results on all types of point clouds.
  • Improved building extraction with better 3D shape simplification for generating building footprints.
  • A new option to generate a process summary report when using the the Pixels to Points process
  • An update to the underlying libraries used in the Pixels to Points process resulting in improved output with certain image data sets.
  • Two new lidar draw modes:
    • Color by Source Layer - allowing easy display of lidar point clouds using a different color for each layer
    • Color by Scan Angle - supports for sorting exported LAS/LAZ files by one or more fields (X, Y, Z, class, GPS time, etc.)
  • Dramatically faster render of lidar path profiles with a large number of points.