September 16, 2020

Global Mapper v22 Now Available with New 3D Eye Dome Lighting and New Terrain Painting Tool in the Lidar Module

Hallowell, Maine — September 16, 2020 – Blue Marble Geographics® is pleased to announce the release of version 22 of Global Mapper® along with an upgrade to the accompanying Lidar Module®.

Global Mapper is a cutting-edge GIS software application that provides both novice and experienced geospatial professionals with a comprehensive array of spatial data processing tools. It provides access to an unparalleled variety of data formats at a genuinely affordable price.

Highlights of the version 22 release include new Eye Dome Lighting settings in the 3D viewer to help improve the visual display of vector and lidar data, a new tool for simplifying meshes or TINs, a new Spatial Operations tool for analyzing the relationship between overlapping vector features, a new option to measure the overlap between two or more lidar, raster/image, and terrain layers, a new consolidated Digitizer Menu providing convenient access to all drawing and digitizing tools, and many other new features.

The Lidar Module, an optional add-on to Global Mapper, provides advanced point cloud processing tools, including Pixels to Points® for photogrammetric point cloud creation using overlapping drone-captured images, automatic and manual point cloud classification, as well as feature extraction, hydro-flattening, and more.

The upgraded Lidar Module includes a new Terrain Paint tool for manipulating elevation values in a free-form way, a new algorithm to improve building classification results, improved building extraction with better 3D shape simplification for generating building footprints, a new option to create a process summary report when using the Pixels to Points process, dramatically faster rendering of lidar path profiles with a large number of points, and much more.

“The version 22 release illustrates Global Mapper’s rapidly expanding geospatial footprint,” stated Blue Marble’s President, Patrick Cunningham. “In this one release cycle, we have introduced countless new tools for GIS analysis.Global Mapper is truly an accessible yet powerful GIS platform. As always, we are pleased to be able to bring all of these capabilities together in one GIS platform while keeping the price affordable.”

Blue Marble Application Specialists will be conducting a live webinar on Wednesday, September 30, to showcase Global Mapper v22. This presentation is scheduled to begin at 2:00 pm (U.S. Eastern Time), and it will allow attendees to see the latest tools and ask questions about the new functionality. Registration is required. To register, visit:


ABOUT BLUE MARBLE GEOGRAPHICS: Blue Marble Geographics® is a GIS and geodetic software company that provides cutting-edge yet accessible products designed for both novice and experienced geospatial professionals. For nearly three decades, the company’s products have been used and trusted by organizations around the globe — including government agencies, universities, and Fortune 500 companies.

Blue Marble’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of the geospatial technology sector with a particular focus on coordinate conversion, lidar and photogrammetric point cloud processing, geospatial software development, and user-driven product development.

Blue Marble’s products include Geographic Calculator®, the industry standard for precise spatial data conversion and advanced coordinate system management; Global Mapper®, an all-in-one GIS application with a comprehensive array of data processing and analysis tools; and the Global Mapper Lidar Module®, a suite of powerful tools for editing and processing lidar and photogrammetric point clouds from drone-captured images.

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Cíntia Miranda, Director of Marketing
Blue Marble Geographics
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